Rubber Mounts Get the Job Done

A rubber mount is a type of rubber base that is designed to absorb vibrations from an engine or other vibrating machine part. Most vehicles have a rubber mount in their powertrain, and many large industrial machines also use the same technology to absorb vibrations from motors and other moving parts in industrial machinery.

In a vehicle, the mounts are designed to separate the chassis from any engine vibrations. The vibrations from the engine hit the rubber and become absorbed so they do not place excess strain on the chassis. In industrial machinery, the process works similarly to prevent excess vibrations from pulling apart the other components of the system.

There are two main types of rubber mounts in use today. The first design is the sandwich design. The sandwich is simply a piece of rubber placed between the motor and the rest of the machine. The rubber absorbs the vibrations from the motor. The problem with this kind of mount is that, eventually, the rubber can tear, causing the mount to require frequent replacement and potentially damaging the components of the machine.

The second kind of rubber mounts have an enclosed design. The enclosed design causes the vibrations from the motor to compress the rubber, rather than stretching the rubber. This causes the mounts to last longer and also prevents the rubber from tearing. However, over time, this kind of mount will eventually fail as well. Most newer machines use this kind of mount because they have a much longer life than their counterparts.

A company must choose between the two types of mounts to prevent vibration damage to machines and surrounding equipment. These mounts are also important for machines that are hand-operated. Excessive vibrations can cause joint problems and aching muscles for workers.