Does Bumper Color Matter?

Rubber bumpers provide a variety of different uses for factory machines and processes in the manufacturing world. In general, bumpers are used to protect the equipment from the products or the products from the equipment. Bumpers are used to cushion the fall of products, certain machine processes, reduce vibrations, and protect products as they travel through the production process. Some bumpers even protect human employees from machine parts.

Most rubber bumper manufacturers create a variety of bumpers in different colors. There is little difference between the rubber products except for the color. Below is a list of a few reasons why certain colors may be better than others for industrial rubber bumpers:

Red: Red bumpers stand out from the rest of the equipment or products around them. These bumpers are easily identifiable, and have a variety of uses. Red bumpers may be better for darker machines, where it can be difficult to find products or equipment. Red bumpers can also make an ugly machine a little more interesting.

Black: Black bumpers are ideal for machines that are basic industrial production machines that produce products like machine parts, automotive parts, electronics, or raw materials. Black bumpers hide scuffs and marks better than some other bumpers. The problem with black bumpers is that it can be difficult to determine the cleanliness of the bumpers.

Clear: Clear bumpers are completely see-through. These bumpers allow workers to see the machines behind or under the bumpers. This is useful for machines where frequent work and adjustment is necessary. Clear bumpers also show dirt and other problems, which make them more useful in the food production industry.

Blue: Blue bumpers look cheerful and fun. You can use blue bumpers in nearly every application possible. Blue bumpers have no advantages or benefits over other color choices, but they simply provide a different look for industrial machines.