Spring Kayaking Made Possible with Rotationally Molded Plastics


Spring is finally here and I can finally partake in one of my favorite activities when I go up north to my Grandparents’ cabin. It’s now warm enough to go kayaking on the river near the cabin. This is my favorite time of year to kayak because the downed trees from past storms still litter the river. This makes for an exciting adventure because I have to navigate through all the trees and logs, attempting to squeeze through small openings and faviconduck under logs. I relish the moment when I get to ram and scoot over logs just barely sticking out of the water. However, sometimes I do have to perch on top of a log and hull my kayak over to the other side. This may sound frustrating but I weirdly enjoy the struggle down the river compared to a nice and easy time riding the current.

We have a variety of kayaks at the cabin. Some of the kayaks include longer ocean gliders that are better suited for open water kayaking. They are more easily tipped but at least it is easy to get the water out when after they send the driver hurling into the river. We have recently stocked up on shorter kayaks that are easier to turn and harder to tip. Both kinds of kayaks are made out of rotationally molded plastic. This makes them cheaper than the hand molded fiberglass kayaks. By using rotational molding the kayaks have single piece construction and are hollow inside, allowing the kayak to float. The high tensile strength and uniform wall thickness is necessary for river kayaking because there is no shortage of sticks and other debris to bump into.

I have been lucky enough to mange a kayaking trip with my cousin this past Easter. I never seen that many downed trees in the river before. All the obstacles made for an exciting trip. I almost tipped two times. Once, I’m ashamed to say, was because there was a spider in my boat and another was from holding an overhanging branch too long. I hate to say I did end up falling in the river near the end of the trip. I got a little too confident in myself and the river got the best of me.