Beating The Drought With Rotational Molding

Rotomolded Tanks

We have had a summer of record temperatures which is causing problems in many industries, especially the agriculture industry. Farmers are faced with the challenge of keeping their fields healthy and alive and their animals well watered. Often in drought weather the fields that farmers rely on for keeping their animals fed are too dry to support grass, which makes it a problem with keeping animals healthy. They also rely on streams and ponds to provide water to cattle and sheep who are wandering in the fields. This becomes a problem when the warm weather prevents the streams and ponds from retaining water and they become dry and empty.

In order to keep the animals alive and counteract the drought conditions, faviconfarmers provide watering tanks in various hot spots of the fields so that they animals will not die of dehydration. Because of this warm weather, the intensity and frequency that these tanks appear in fields has almost doubled and in some cases tripled. These large rotomolded tanks are able to hold multiple gallons of water, and provide relief to animals on days that are scorchers. In many cases, the rotomolded tanks have a hose or some form of plumbing hooked up to them so that refilling them is not as big of a chore.

Rotomolded tanks have uniform wall thickness and their seamless construction protects against leaks, which is perfect for containing and supplying large quantities of water. The farming industry is not the only industry that makes use of rotomolded tanks however, the marine, pharmaceutical and beverage processing industries also have found that rotomolded tanks make their jobs easier. Because there is very little material wasted in the construction of rotomolded tanks, it also is a faster and more efficient form of production than other molding methods.