The Furniture Revolution

Roto Moulders

In the world of furniture design it seems the possibilities for combining material and usability are endless. In my home alone there are wooden chairs, leather couches, and glass table-tops. But there is a type of furniture that seems to be making a comeback: plastic furniture, once thought to be more for snickering at than sitting on, is faviconproving to be a popular home decorating staple. When once plastic furniture meant those hand-shaped chairs so popular in the 70’s, designers are taking plastics more seriously now, as their versatility and durability are in high demand.

The majority of plastic furniture produced today is created by way of rotational molding. Rotational molding is a process by which plastic resin is poured into a mold then heated and rotated. The rotomolders into which the plastic is placed ensure even coating of the mold by the plastic, so the finished product has an equal density of plastic throughout. This is of course a wonderful asset for plastic furniture producers since people choosing to invest in plastics for their home will want to be sure they are buying a quality product.

The revolution in plastic home furnishing does not mean, I do not think, that patio furniture will now be an indoor fashion statement. True, many types of outdoor furniture are made from rotomolders just like the indoor pieces are, but the kind of furniture most people will choose to place in their homes will not look like patio or lawn furniture, nor will it look like the giant plastic disco-era hand. Instead, the innovations furniture companies have been making with plastic furniture are rather breathtaking, and from what I have seen I think most people would not realize they are looking at plastic furniture at all. What is more, this furniture will last a long time because it will not dent, scratch, or sag like so many other types do.