The Undeniable Strength of Rotational Molding

Rotational Moulding

If plastics make the world go ‘round, then rotational molding makes the world spin even faster. Rotationally molded plastics are an ever-present aspect of our daily lives, from the gas can you keep in your garage for your lawnmower, to the giant tanks of water you see on the backs of semi-trucks, rotationally molded plastics are a staple of those products that make our lives easier. One question you faviconmay stop to ask yourself is, why plastic? Or, a more specific question, why rotationally molded plastic? There is not just one answer to these questions that will serve as a catch-all for all of the reasons companies choose rotationally molded plastics, but it is certainly an interesting question to investigate.

One of the main reasons we have come to rely so heavily on rotationally molded plastics is that they are durable. Their durability stems from their construction, of course. For example, when a plastic product comes out of the rotational mold, it has several features that make it much stronger than other materials. First, because the rotational molding process allows for greater design versatility, it is very easy to create complexly shaped plastic pieces. The primary benefit of being able to create these more complicated designs is that when they are finished they are seamless. A seamless product means there is very little chance for splitting or cracking under pressure. Resistance to splitting translates, of course, to a stronger, longer lasting plastic.

Furthermore, when you combine the seamlessness of rotationally molded plastics with the consistency of the plastic produced through the rotational molding process, you get a product that is in many ways nearly indestructible. Rotationally molded plastics benefit from having uniformity throughout the thickness of walls of the product. What this means is that there will not be a spot on a gas can, for instance, that is weaker than another spot. You can leave your gas can in your garage, through hot and cold weather, and not have to worry that a weak spot in the plastic will suffer from the changes in temperature. The blend of seamlessness and uniformity in thickness make rotationally molded plastics a formidable force in the competition for material supremacy.