3 Tips for Choosing a Custom Roll Forming Manufacturer

Roll Formers

Roll forming is the process of creating metal shapes by passing sheets of metal between several different rollers. Depending on the size of the rollers, the number of rollers, and the position of the rollers, a custom roll former can create a large variety of shapes, including channels, rings, trim pieces, and structural supports.

If your factory requires the use of specific roll forming pieces customized for your manufacturing processes, many roll forming companies can create the exact pieces you need with a custom roll former that is set up to create customized parts. Before choosing a customized manufacturer, look for the following features and benefits:

CAD tooling technology: CAD tooling is computer-directed tooling. This computer-directed process creates exact pieces that are accurate down to the tiniest details. This is highly useful for pieces that require a specific size or shape. A company that offers in-house tooling will also have the ability to change the specifications of the item on demand.

Optimized production: Your roll forming manufacturer should be able to create a customized plan that optimizes the creation of the parts that you need when you need them. The company should work with you to create a customized production schedule and optimized production methods that will eliminate false starts and streamline the manufacturing process.

Efficient processes: Efficient machines and processes will help you save time and money while waiting for your roll formed pieces. High-efficiency machines can produce larger volumes of parts with less waste and lower production costs. This is one of the best ways to save on the manufacturing costs of your custom parts.

If you look for the above features when choosing a custom manufacturer, you can rest assured that the production of your custom parts will look exactly like your specifications in the fastest time for the lowest price possible.