Benefits of Precision Casting

Precision investment casting is the process of creating investment castings with the highest level of detail and customization. The precise nature of the casting enables the manufacturer to create even the most detailedfavicon and delicate shapes through the casting process, which is unusual for most casting processes. When you switch to precision investment casting, you will incur the following production benefits:

Affordable: You can save up to 50 percent on production costs by switching to a casting method. Casting is an affordable process that requires fewer tools and operators to become successful. While some materials were too delicate or detailed in the past for casting, precision casting makes it a possibility for most metal shapes.

Higher details: Precision casting gives each casted piece a high level of detail. The precise nature of the casting process and the molds themselves make the process compatible with nearly any metal piece no matter how delicate.

Reduced material and labor costs: In precision casting, few materials are wasted, which make material costs lower. Fewer people are required to complete the process, which drives labor costs lower as well.

Material variety: Metal casting can work with a variety of materials, including nickel, cobalt, base alloys, carbon, aluminum, stainless steel, and many others.

Difficult internal configurations: If your metal piece requires an internal configuration, precision casting can help shape the internal configuration and the outside of the piece with ease. In some cases, multiple casting steps are necessary, but with others, a single precise casting is enough to complete some internal configurations.

Reduced machine operations: The process of precision casting takes less time than traditional casting methods or other metal forming methods. This helps keep the machines operating at top quality and also makes the machines more efficient and have higher production levels than other casting or metal forming methods.