The Many Applications of Poly Tubing

A poly tube is simply a tube made from polyurethane plastic. Poly tubes can be manufactured in a variety of sizes for many different uses from water pipes to oil and gas lines. Typically, the poly tube is used similarly to a traditional pipe for the transfer of water or other liquids from one place to another. You can find poly tubes specifically made for the following uses:

Water pipes: Transferring water from one place to another is one of the most common uses for poly tubes. These pipes can be made into a variety of sizes depending on the use. Most water pipes are between 3 and 12 inches in diameter, and are used to transfer clean water, waste water, industrial water, and water from natural sources from place to place. Poly pipes are often used in place of metal or PVC pipes.

Mining and industrial pipes: The mining industry and other industrial manufacturing or material plants use poly tubes to transfer liquids from one place to another. Poly tubes are less expensive than metal tubes, and are durable and lightweight. This makes them ideal for using in raised applications and in every application where chemical corrosion is not an issue.

Gas distribution: One of the uses for poly pipes is in gas distribution. The pipes create a tight seal on the gas, preventing it from escaping through the pipe. Poly pipes are a cost-effective alternative to metal gas lines and other gas pipe materials.

Irrigation pipes: Poly pipes are ideal tools for providing irrigation to gardens and farms. The inexpensive nature of the pipes makes them ideal for using throughout long distances and huge agricultural fields. The plastic will also prevent metal or other contaminants from leeching into the soil.

Submersible pipes: Poly pipes can also work well submersed in other liquids. The pipes will not rust or break down while suspended in liquids.