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The Advantages of Custom Cylinders

Although air cylinders come in many standard sizes and shapes, there are still many advantages to using custom air cylinders. Custom cylinders allow precise configurations and unique uses that are unavailable in standard air cylinder shapes and sizes. Many air cylinder manufacturers provide the option of creating customized air cylinders for theirfavicon clients. This boosts their business and helps provide for the needs of all customers.

Customized air cylinders are ideal for situations where standard cylinders will not work. A factory can typically create a variety of cylinder shapes and sizes that will work with all OEM parts and manufacturing equipment. Typically, a factory can change the shape, number of cylinders, the performance speed and power, how many cylinders are present in one unit, the material used to make the cylinder, the placement of springs and rods, and the overall size to make each cylinder fit perfectly with the desired tasks.

Typically, a customer can design whatever kind of cylinder they need for their unique situation. The customer can then send the specifications to the air cylinder manufacturer, who can take the designs and transform them into a matching cylinder that will work for the customer’s needs. The customer can then fit the new cylinder into the desired machine and outlet and test the performance of the cylinder and the overall affect on the machine. If adjustments are necessary, the customer can send modified plans to the cylinder manufacturer, who can then make the necessary adjustments in the part design. This process may occur several times before the customer finds the perfect part design for their unique uses. After an air cylinder is chosen, the factory can then make as many cylinders as required by the customer.