J.D.B Dense Flow, Inc: Leaders in Pneumatic Conveyors

J.D.B Dense Flow, Inc. LogoSince 1976, Palm Harbor, Florida has been providing the pneumatic conveyor industry with one of the most exceptional organization’s in the industry, J.D.B Dense Flow, Inc. The experience that J.D.B Dense Flow, Inc uses in their products is applied by designing and manufacturing some of the most cost effective, efficient, and high quality dense phase pneumatic conveying systems available. The company offers a system with low initial cost, low installation cost, and low maintenance characteristics. Combined with their experience and ingenuity, J.D.B Dense Flow, Inc is dedicated to providing the best and brightest to all of their customers, no matter the project.

 Dense Flow SystemsImage Courtesy of J.D.B Dense Flow, Inc

Their certified dense flow system is primarily a high pressure, low velocity, dense phase pump, for conveying powdered or granular materials. This system conveys a wide variety of materials ranging from abrasive material such as Sand and Alumina, to corrosive materials like Sodium Chloride. There is also a variety of other materials that the machine can handle as well. This system also makes complex conveying problems simple. J.D.B tailors the solutions to fit varying material handling needs.  This machine also works hand-on-hand with the J.D.B dense flow dust collection system.  This system consist of two unique compact designs (round and square).

 Dense Flow Dust Collection SystemImage Courtesy of J.D.B Dense Flow, Inc

Their systems are most effective when conveying abrasive granular materials with little to no moisture.  The systems require little maintenance due to the low material velocity (less than 1500 FPM). These capacities of their bin vents extend up to 1800 CFM depending on the material characteristics. These systems and capacities alone are enough to make it so that the J.D.B Dense Flow, Inc has become an established competitor throughout the industry. In addition to all of their technical skill in creating some of the best pneumatic conveyors, dust collecting systems, and conveyor systems in the industry, they are dedicated to providing high quality service to all of their customers.