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For over 50 years, Precision Punch & Plastics has been a leader in industrial and engineering plastic materials. Our company is located in Minnetonka, Minnesota and has achieved a national reputation for our superior quality and service. Our company has molding specialists that can solve virtually any problem all while saving money. As an ISO 9001 certified company, PPP carries a variety of materials and can meet customer’s needs economically and at competitive prices. We are known for carrying the top brands that customer’s trust, low cost tooling, fast turnaround from prototype to production, and process flexibility.

We carry over 50 types and grades of plastic in our stock. We are able to supply customers with economic solutions from basic materials to exotic, new specialty materials. The materials used help improve performance, solve problems, and reduce costs. Many industries benefit from our company’s products including food, medical, agricultural, recreational equipment, aerospace, and more. Some of the plastic components we make include assembly fixtures, chain guides, gears, pulleys, insulators, star wheels, safety windows and guards, machine covers, and electrical insulators.

Our successful company has achieved national recognition for our prices, tolerances, and deliveries on our stamped parts and washers. Precision Punch & Plastic has a knowledgeable sales team that has access to extensive technical resources. We fill orders in a timely fashion and carry the tooling components customers need for plastic molds and stamping dies. Our molding specialists can solve virtually any problem and still save money with the company’s low cost custom urethane molding capabilities. We also have value-added capabilities including CNC cutting, panel saws, flycutters, precision shearing, precision machining, and routing. For more information call or visit our website today!