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The Solvent Parts Washer

There are many kinds of automotive parts washers, from traditional soap-based cleaners to environmentally-friendly washers that use less water to clean automotive parts. A third version of a parts cleaner is the solvent washer. These units are specificallyfavicondesigned to work with heavy duty solvent cleaners, which use chemical processes to clean the automotive parts.

A solvent cleaner cannot be used in every automotive parts washers system, because the cleaning solution can eat through some washers and cannot be drained through regular sewage systems. The solvent cleaner must be disposed of in specified waste disposal units to prevent the solvent from damaging the water supply and traditional piping system used in most city water sewage systems.

Solvent parts washers can have many benefits over other cleaning systems even with the hazard risk of the solvent cleaner. The strength of the cleaner often makes them clean faster and more efficiently than other parts washers. The solvent cleaners can easily remove stuck-on contamination that cannot be removed through other cleaning methods. Most solvent cleaners also eliminate the need to scrub  the parts by hand, as the cleaner quickly dissolves any contamination on the surface of the parts.
Because a solvent cleaner is harsher than some other forms of automotive cleaners, some parts may not be suitable for use in a solvent-based washing system. Any extremely delicate parts, as well as parts made from plastic materials, may not work in solvent cleaners. Always read the label to ensure that your washer will not damage delicate parts or the finish on parts before placing them in the cleaner.

With some solvent cleaners, there is a risk of fire due to the chemical components of the system. When choosing a solvent parts washer, look for a washer that has an automatic top fire stop cover that will protect the solvent from catching fire during emergencies.

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