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Nameplates for Industry: The Other Application

Most people think of office settings when they hear the word name plates. However, there is a wide variety of other places that benefit from numerous name plates, including the classic industrial settings like warehouses and manufacturing plants. Nameplates for industry have more applications then office name plates simply because there is faviconmore that needs to be identified in a textile or food manufacturing building then in a publishing house or lawyer’s office. One example is that most machines need a name plate to identify what they machine is. Most machines also have other name plates attached describing warnings or instructions. Other examples of nameplates in industry involve the classic desk name plates or door name plates used to identify who sits where for upper management. There may even be cubbies or lockers for manual laborers with affordable plastic nameplates marking that space as their own.

Nameplates for industry involve many of the same characteristics that name plates in less intense settings involve. The material used to make the name plate as well as the dimensions of the name plate, such as length, width and thickness, are all considerations that will affect the price. Gold and brass are popular choices for those at the top, marking them as the most important people in the environment. However, such expensive materials are not necessary for name plates being attached to machinery. Instead, one would want a cheap but strong and durable material that can be designed with bright colors to stand out and catch people’s eyes, since the whole point is warning, instructing and identifying. It is these sorts of details that a company buying nameplates for industry must consider. When safety is the major concern, not establishing separation between lower, middle and upper management, what a name plate is made out of doesn’t matter nearly as much as how easily it can draw worker attention and how easily it can be read.