Michigan Manufacturing On the Rise

Michigan is an example of a state that has a roller coaster history of successful manufacturing and economic lows. Currently four of Michigan’s counties are recognized by a Texas-based data information system company as leading counties for adding new manufacturing jobs last year. Wayne County is reported for leading the country in creating new manufacturing jobs last year. The county was able to create 4,225 net new jobs which is a 5.3% increase from 2013.

Macomb County was third on the list with 3,272 net new jobs and Kent County was seventh with 2,492 net new jobs. Ottawa placed 10th on the list with 2,069 net new jobs. These numbers are great indictors of the success of several Michigan countries which shows developments and initiatives in the state have been very rewarding.

It is important to note that there was a recent announcement of the first-ever nationwide regulations in regards to carbon dioxide emissions from power plants which will affect Michigan. The new plan from the federal government states that coal power plants will have to greatly reduce the amount of carbon pollution that is generated from these plants. Since Michigan utilizes quite a bit of coal for energy production there will have to be significant changes to meet the new regulations.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency report in 2012 Michigan’s carbon dioxide emission rate was 1,928 pounds per megawatt hour of energy generated. The new plan aims to reduce the rate to 1,169 pounds per megawatt hour by 2030. Thankfully Michigan is already on track to reduce to 1,588 pounds per megawatt hour by 2020.

Another big announcement in Michigan recently was from a major automotive manufacturer that plans to invest $877 million in a new plant as well as providing upgrades to the current assembling facility. Although this facility is designed to create any new long-term jobs it will however retain jobs. With all these big announcements in Michigan it will be exciting to see where the state is headed next.