Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation

Marking Tools

Lasers can be found in all sorts of industries. The name stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation, but laser rolls off the tongue much easier. They can be found in medicine, military, law enforcement, research, light displays and industrial contexts. They are involved in skin treatment, missile defense, fingerprint detection, light shoes and part marking. Lasers work by emitting light, or electromagnetic radiation, through optical amplification. This entire process is based on the stimulated emission of photons. What the tool is most admired for is its ability of high levels of special and temporal coherence that the laser light is able to maintain.

In the marking machinery industry, they can be useful for marking various pieces of equipment. Laser marking equipment can be sued to mark various tools, metals, parts and even shoes. Recently laser cutters have broke into the textile industry being employed for leather shoes, fabrics and other items. They can also be of use with handcrafts, gifts, cards, packaging and printing. They can display designs, advertisements, quotes or simply identification codes and naming. The ease and quick pace in which these machines can mark the products has led to them entering the countless markets they are now a part of.

While the overall process is the same, and most are very similar, these many uses require slightly different qualities from their laser equipment. Most are run through a computer that can be programmed to make the desired design, image, logo, code, title or other type of marking. Laser markers can vary in size, whether they use a scribe or stencil system and other modifications can be used. By talking with a trusted supplier to determine the exact requirements and specifications that you are searching for, the perfect laser marking equipment model for your application can be found.