Lifting the Massage Table

Lift tables have a variety of uses in industrial, commercial, and construction settings. Often, a lift table is used to help facilitate the movement of an object or machine from one level to another. Lift tables are also used to raise equipment or personnel up to a level where work can be done. However, there are also additional uses for lift tables as well.

One use for a lift table is in the massage industry, of all places. The massage table uses lift technology to raise and lower the position of the table to maximize the effectiveness of the massage. The unit works by raising and lowering the top of the table where the customer lies using an electric actuator.

One form of electric massage lift table has a portable system that can work with any massage table. The lift is adjustable so that it can work with a variety of table styles. The operator simply places the lifting section of the table under the existing massage table top. A foot pedal controls the operation of the table. This not only benefits the quality of the massage, but it also makes it easier on clients who may otherwise not be able to climb onto the massage table easily. The operator can lower the table to make it easier for the client to get on, then raise the table to a comfortable level for the best massage experience possible.

These tables also benefit the operators, because it prevents much of the back pain associated with the height of traditional massage tables. The operator can raise the height of the table so that he or she does not have to bend over at an awkward angle and strain the back.