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4 Benefits of Laminated Glass

Laminated glass contains a sheet of polyvinyl butyral between two layers of glass that prevent the glass from shattering in the traditional way. All automotive glass, many commercial and business glass windows, and even some residential glassfavicon windows use the laminated layer to prevent injuries, add additional protection, and for several other features that provide benefits to the owners. When you use glass with a laminated layer, you are providing the following benefits to your vehicle or building, and the users of the vehicle or product:

Safety: Laminating glass makes it harder to shatter. When you break laminated glass, it creates a “spider web” pattern that appears on the glass. The laminated layer between the two sheets of glass holds the pieces in place and prevents the glass from dropping dangerous shards onto nearby people and animals. All automotive glass is laminated, and most overhead glass also has a laminated coating for safety.

Security: Since the glass is harder to break than traditional glass, it acts as a safety barrier and security measure for burglars, drive by shootings, and other criminal activities. The laminated layer between the glass can be made out of bulletproof materials and other tough materials that make the glass nearly as impenetrable as a metal wall.

Energy and UV control: The laminated layer of the glass acts as an insulating material for the building, preventing UV rays and the sun’s heat from entering the window. This helps keep buildings more insulated and helps ensure the safety of people inside a vehicle or building by blocking harmful UV rays.

Additional benefits: Laminated pieces of glass provide the view from the window with an undistorted view of the outside world. This is especially beneficial in vehicles and other uses where visibility is important. The glass is also durable and easy to clean, with a texture and appearance nearly indistinguishable from traditional glass sheets.

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