IQS vs. Thomasnet

Take a look at the IQS advantage



One site provides visibility on multiple keywords on several major search engines.Advertiser must purchase each keyword phrase from over 65,000 headings.

Position is guaranteed.

Blind bid with quarterly re-bids.

Request for quote functionality.

No request for quote or email functionality in one step.

Page one results show up to 16 companies with preview ad with 40 word description.

Page one search results show 25 companies with no preview ad and hidden description.

Advertiser is live in a Premium Position within 24 hours of securing the position.

Advertiser must wait at least 3 months to be ranked without knowing their position.

Our pricing is set and standard for each position with 2nd site discount.

Variable prices based on blind bidding.

User statistics available for each IQS® website within the first week of each month.

No monthly user statistics provided for product headings.

Our rate includes national and regional searches for each IQS® website.

Each state search is a separate charge & is open to companies outside that state.

Regional search breaks down the USA into six regions. For example, the Northeast U.S. is one region.

Regional searches are done by state. For example, the Northeast U.S. is 14 states.

To list your company, visit or call 877-977-5377