2015 Master List of E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

Choosing an e-commerce solution can be a daunting task, regardless if you are a retailer who is just getting started selling online or an experienced seller with a robust inventory.

Since each e-commerce solution comes with its own unique feature set, it is vital that prospective retailers do their research to identify which platform is the best fit for their business.

To kick-start the research process, read below to discover 14 e-commerce solutions for every type of e-commerce retailer:



With built in SEO features, Volusion offers start-up’s a full featured e-commerce solution for them to begin their journey of selling online. Also, those that decide to leverage Volusion can sell their products in multiple marketplaces including Amazon and eBay.

Volusion SEO Team


Little brother of Shopify Plus, this e-commerce solution offers start-ups more than 100 different themes for their website and a mobile optimized shopping cart among many other features. Also, for those interested in starting a blog along with their store (read about the benefits of blogs here), Shopify offers a simple blogging platform where users can publish their posts as well as receive feedback from their readers.



With little money to spare and a small pool of employees, start-up’s need an e-commerce solution that they can work with on their own terms. PrestaShop delivers a wide range of features including inventory management and advanced stock management to help e-commerce start-ups create and run a successful online store with ease.

PrestaShop Webpage

WordPress – WooCommerce

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the market, and with thousands of plugins available users can transform their website into whatever they need it to be. For e-commerce start-ups, the WooCommerce plugin allows users to quickly set up, market and analyze their storefront while not wasting any of their limited resources.


Small Businesses


Small businesses often do not have a large pool of employees that can help run their website, so it’s important that the e-commerce solution they choose is easy to set up and can be run by as few people as possible. Ocoos is a simple and efficient e-commerce solution that delivers an all-in-one solution to small businesses where they can either build the site themselves or have Ocoos build it for them.

Ocoos Webpage



With its all-in-one e-commerce solution, small businesses can quickly set up their online storefront and immediately be able to print shipping labels, accept credit cards and even sell on Facebook.


Through a simple drag-and-drop creator and responsive design, Ecwid enables small businesses to quickly create an online storefront. Those that choose Ecwid will also be able to leverage a variety of integrations, including those for social networks like Facebook as well as a wide selection of payment solutions.

Ecwid Webpage

Square Market

From the popular in-store payment solution comes a mobile ready e-commerce solution where small businesses can create their own storefront, integrate social media links and leverage promotional codes.



Bigcommerce caters to a wide variety of e-commerce stores, servicing businesses in verticals from healthcare to home goods. With its visual designer and detailed inventory and order management system, Bigcommerce is a good option for any mid-level e-commerce storefront.


Bigcommerce Webpage


Amazon Webstore

Amazon is one of the most dominant presences on the Web with a wide range of services and features. Amazon Webstore allows for retailers to design and create their own e-commerce storefront with built-in SEO functionality, Amazon Product Ads and Amazon-branded checkout.



Shopify Plus

Big Brother to the regular Shopify e-commerce solution, Shopify Plus is for enterprise level businesses that receive massive amounts of traffic. The solution offers a variety of enterprises features, including unlimited bandwidth and 99.97 percent uptime.


Shopify Plus Webpage

Shopify Plus

Magento Enterprise Edition

Consumers are increasingly demanding a personalized experience and enterprises not delivering one will inevitably fall behind the competition. Magento Enterprise Edition allows enterprises to segment their customers based on criteria like demographics, first time and repeat visitors as well as by purchasing history.


As an open source platform, X-Cart allows for enterprises to have full control of the solution so they can scale and add features as they see fit. Also, with responsive design and hundreds of add-on extensions, enterprises can make sure their websites look great on all devices.

X-Cart Webpage


Offering a wide variety of e-commerce solutions for enterprises, Hybris is a one stop shop of sorts that has specific offerings for both B2B and B2C enterprises. Moreover, Hybris recognizes the critical role that mobile devices play in e-commerce today and provides full support for both iOS and Android apps as well as can execute both push and text message marketing campaigns.

*** This list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to e-commerce solutions available on the Web. Share your favorite e-commerce solution in the Comment Section below.


We like Magento, even the community edition (which is probably to what DanileS is referring), because it allows us the flexibility of establishing one installation with multiple, differently-branded storefronts. it also has some incredible marketing support features. For small to mid-sized companies that have fairly simple catalogs, we’ve found it to be a very versatile platform.

MikeR 12-22-2014 8:18 PM

What about SunShop?  It’s a great commerce platform that’s full of very powerful tools and easily customized.  A very affordable solution.

RobertB 12-22-2014 8:52 PM

And not to mention ECT (www.EcommerceTemplates.com) who have been around for over 10 years, have the best support I have seen, $159 cart OOTB, and 6months support, then support and updaters at $29.95 month.

I have been using this cart for that long, and for that many clients.

MichaelB 12-22-2014 8:55 PM

SalesCart (salescart.com) has been around long before all of those solutions and the new version, SalesCart Cloud blows them away.  Similar to Euclid but secure (out of scope for PCI PA-DSS) and complete.  On the other hand, never heard of hybris in my life.  The days when the website and traditional old ecommerce store were not distinguishable are numbered.

MichaelB 12-22-2014 8:55 PM

SalesCart (salescart.com) has been around long before all of those solutions and the new version, SalesCart Cloud blows them away.  Similar to Euclid but secure (out of scope for PCI PA-DSS) and complete.  On the other hand, never heard of hybris in my life.  The days when the website and traditional old ecommerce store were not distinguishable are numbered.

– See more at:



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