IQS Featured Profile: RK Metals, Ltd.

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RK Metals, Ltd. was established in 1997 by brothers K.C. and Tom McKee with the goal of producing high quality metal stampings, welded parts, and assemblies at low cost to their customers. The brothers’ first facility was a 7,000 square foot farmhouse in Cincinnati, Ohio. They started with six presses ranging from 35 to 150 tons, and moved into 15,000 square foot facility before the end of their first year in business. The company, which has continued to grow steadily over the last sixteen years, obtained ISO 9001:2000 registration and presently supplies product to the automotive and heavy truck industries in the U.S., Europe, and Mexico.

Metal Stamper

Photo courtesy of RK Metals 

RK Metals believes that people are their most valuable asset, and three of the four original employees are still with the company, offering superior customer service that is backed by decades of industry experience and knowledge. Specializing in lower cost manufacturing, 75% of the products made by the company today were first manufactured by their competitors; customers have re-sourced their product needs to RK Metals. The move to RK Metals saves time and money, and improves customer positions in the market.

Metal Manufacturing Equipment

Photo courtesy of RK Metals, Ltd.

RK Metals has grown into the company they are today and are able to maintain long-term relationships with customers because of their unique perspective and customer-focused goals such as their continual pursuit of mastering the most cost-effective manufacturing process. From higher product quality, daily shipments and improved part design to point-of-use product packaging, customer supplied materials, and kanban, RK Metals does everything possible to merge their company with that of their customers’ as a way to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.