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Staying Warm While Watching Hockey

Infra Red Heating System

An ice skating rink is not one of those places that one would assume you would be warm and cozy, particularly if you are sitting down and watching the action instead of providing yourself some natural heat through the physical activity of skating. However, thanks to infra red heaters in their various styles, those in the stands can be just as comfortable as those on the rink. The fact that spot heaters have been designed to avoid those skating from feeling the effects of the infra red heaters makes the whole process that much more remarkable. Exploring the ins and outs of infra red heating makes me appreciate anew the marvels of our technological age, and the intelligent people who are making it possible.

In essence, infrared heaters are built very simply, and are so effective because of the way the infra red heating source is able to radiate its warmth. Often designed in coil form, the heating element is usually Tungsten, whose heat is increased and radiated by way of ceramic or metallic elements that enclose it. Because infra red heaters warm the air in the same fashion as the sun warms the earth, in a consistent pattern that doesn’t require air to carry the heat from one place to another, they are able to pinpoint certain areas with heat.

When being installed, infra red heaters can be mounted in a number of different ways, which mostly depends on whether or not they are being attached to a ceiling, wall or made to stand on the ground. Also, the size factors in as well. For ice skating rinks specifically, infra red heaters are often built smaller and then directed at certain areas in the stands so that the actual rink is not effected, which also means that numerous heaters are necessary to cover all areas of the stands. However, because infra red heaters are environmentally friendly and require very little energy to heat an area consistently and well, the price of more versus less is not great.

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