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A Solution for Old Drums

While you might not have an excessive amount of steel 55 gallon drums lying around your house, these products are very useful and common in a number of industries. These products are large, cylindrical containers. The normal sized drum is able to contain 55 gallons, making it great for an array of shipping and storing applications. Most often, they are used to store various liquids or loose raw materials. The ability to store such a large supply of products in containers such as these can be perfect for all sorts of industries including petroleum, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, hazardous waste collection, waste water treatment and agriculture.

While they may be very useful, once their purpose has been served they tend to simply become massive containers that take up a lot of room. While they might be fine to just stack up temporarily, after a while, most businesses tend to run out of space for these objects. So what do you do with them until they can be disposed of? One solution is to purchase a drum crusher. Drum crushers are a form of baler that can be used to compact or crush large containers and drums. The drums that might be compacted by these machines could range from 25 gallons to 55 gallons in size, and could be composed of various materials including metals, fibers or plastics.

Finding ways to dispose or store used or damages drums that are no longer needed can put strain and additional costs on companies. By using drum crushers to assist in the handling and storage of objects that are no longer needed can save companies money. By crushing the large and bulky objects, the volume is reduced by up to eighty percent, cutting back on clean up costs as well as disposal costs.