Factory Infrared Heating

Immersion Heaters

Most factories have to deal with heating and cooling the factory throughout the year. This is not only for the comfort of employees, but it also is important for the maintenancefavicon of the large machines inside the factory. If a machine gets too hot or too cold, serious and expensive problems can occur.

In the winter months, heating a factory is extremely important to prevent equipment and workers from freezing. Cold machines and cold people are both more sluggish in their work, which is detrimental to the work of any factory. Of course, there are many different heating options for a factory, but the contest for which heating method is best still rages on.

One choice for heating a factory is infrared heating. Infrared heating is slightly different than other heating sources because rather than heating the air inside a room, it works with the objects in the room to heat them internally, similar to a low-powered microwave. This prevents excessive heating loss through heating unnecessary parts of a room, and can maximize energy use.

Many infrared heaters are powered through electricity. Electric heating can be greener than other forms of fuel because they do not require the burning of additional fossil fuels to keep the heater operational. Electric heater manufacturers create a variety of infrared heating machines for industrial use, which is often the heating unit of choice for environmentally-conscious reasons.

To maintain the ideal energy efficiency and desired temperature range in a factory, most electric heater manufacturers include control options that help regulate the use of the heater. Most units have an air temperature sensor that is used to regulate the heating of the unit. Using these controls, the heater can automatically change the amount of heat generated by the heater and adjust the amount of energy used to maximize temperature control and energy efficiency.