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Returning to Green Materials in the Food and Beverage Industry

There are many uses for glass in the modern world. Tubular glass is used for florescent lights, neon lights, drinking glasses, light fixtures, bottles, and in many other places. The tube glass industry has a lot of use in the food andfavicon beverage industry, although not as much as it had in the past. This may change, however, due to the bad reputation that many plastic products have due to their harsh impact on the environment.

Before the invention of plastic, most household containers were made from glass. Bottles, glasses, condiment containers, and storage containers were created using tubular glass techniques. Once plastic became a household product, plastic replaced glass in many forums.

Today, there is a resurgence in the use of glass in the food and beverage industry due to the recent care for the environment and the harsh impact that plastic has on the earth, animals, and even people. Some companies have started to replace plastic items with glass, such as glass containers for energy drinks, sodas, juice, and water.

The designs of these bottles are designed with tubular glass that stabilizes the walls and helps prevent breakage of the glass. This creates a safer container for the liquids that will not break easily during transport and use.

Many innovative designs are used for glass bottles and beverage containers, such as combining the use of glass and plastic to make easy-open tops, placing a small glass ball inside the container as a vacuum seal, and using a foil top that is punctured by a straw as a mess-free seal that keeps contamination out of the bottles.

Even though it looked like plastic would take over for glass in the food and beverage industry due to flexibility and convenience, the environmentally-friendly aspect of glass keeps it going strong in every market. Who knows, in just a few years, glass bottles and containers may have more widespread use than plastic.

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