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Benefits of a Gear Pump

Gears are an essential part of many different machines and tools. Gears help facilitate the rotation of a variety of objects, from conveyors to vehicles, to manufacturing tools. One special use for a gear is in a gear pump.

A gear pump is a special form of water pump that uses a gear system to control the operation of the pump. This formulation of pump provides many benefits over other pump systems and is highly useful for pumping liquids into and from large industrial machines and containers. Consider switching to a gear pump in your factory for the following reason:

Reduced noise: The gear system in a gear pump is better at controlling unit vibrations and noise levels than other pump styles. Helical gear parts keep the gear moving throughout pump use, while a reduced number of gear teeth help eliminate excess operation noise. This improves the performance of the unit, and also cuts down on noise interruption for other machines in the area.

Reduced vibrations: Because of the reduced number of teeth in the gear system, the vibrations of the pump are also reduced. This is helpful in a variety of ways, including reduced wear on the pump itself and reduced wear on surrounding equipment that can become damaged due to excessive vibrations in an area.

Reduced leakage: The bushings provide free axial and radial movement inside the pump. This enables gaskets and other sealing mechanisms to function better, reducing the amount of leakage that the pump sees.

Improved lubrication: The use of efficient gaskets and moving mechanisms improves the overall lubrication of the unit simply by eliminating the need for as much outside lubrication that other pumps require.
Improves volumetric efficiency: All of the finely tuned parts keep a gear pump operating at maximum efficiency throughout the life of the unit.