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Gasket Wholesalers: What to Look For

For a wholesale company, purchasing mass amounts of similar products to then sell to  other industries is the name of the game. Therefore, purchasing a product that is not required in large amounts or is too specialized to appeal to many markets is not the goal of a wholesaler. Understanding the best style and use for a specific product such as gaskets will enable a company to buy the best variety of products to resell. Gasket wholesalers need to do their research before they buy to make sure there is a profit to be made once the product is re-marked and on their own shelves, so to speak.

Choosing materials is the first step, because each material has characteristics that suit the needs of certain chemical and environmental contexts. For example, a gasket wholesaler will probably want to have a number of different materials in stock, most of which will be a type of rubber or plastic, although metallic elements may be incorporated too. EPDM is a type of rubber that is incredibly waterproof, making it an excellent choice for gaskets that will be in water based systems. Because gaskets fill in the gaps of piping systems in many industries, this is a very popular material for gaskets. Other common rubber choices include Viton, which is particularly chemically resistant and silicon, which is able to stand a wide range of temperatures and remain stable.

Not only do the materials of a gasket make a difference for wholesalers and their industrially based customers but design also has an impact. The basic gasket design is very simple, usually a circular cut with a hole in the center like a doughnut. The size of a gasket, including the width and length varies to a large degree so that every industrial need may be met. It is important for wholesalers to purchase as many size options as possible, since the do not have the option of manufacturing custom products for their clients. Therefore, the wider range of options the better, as long as too much time and space is not caught up with gaskets that are rarely used and won’t sell.