The Building Block Products of Renewable Energies

Flexible Shaft Couplings

With all of the hype involving oil and its related issues, both environmentally and economically, a focus on renewable energies has developed and continues to be a focal point for many industrial arenas. A variety of products are being developed specifically for renewable energy efforts, and faviconsome that are already in existence are simply being newly applied, like the shaft coupler. These shaft couplings are used to help transfer power from the source to what it is moving, easing the stress on the two shafts that connect the two. A shaft coupler is a necessity for many industrial machines and vehicles, and is now also being utilized within the context of renewable energy.

Bellows couplings in particular, which are one type of shaft coupler, are very useful for one of the major environmentally friendly energy sources, wind turbines. These energy sources are able to produce up to 300 megawatts of energy, which is enough to power over 200,000 households. All of the power being created requires very steady parts, which are partly due to the presence of the bellows coupling because of how it is torsion resistant and completely eradicates backlash. For the wind turbines to do their efficient and green job, they need the help of shaft couplers to be as excellent as possible. Another example includes wind power plants, which have rotary components that need to be positioned according to incredibly precise degrees. This is only possible because of various sizes and styles of shaft couplers. Without them, the measurements would not be able to be read accurately and the exact position of the turbines would not be reached. The realignment of solar panels are also dependent on the precision achieved by using a shaft coupler or two in the movement oriented section of the design.