Gifts for your Guy

Etching Machines

Particularly when a couple has been together for a long time, it can be difficult to buy gifts for each other that are inventive and different enough to surprise and excite. If the male in the relationship is into fixing things, then one gift idea that he won’t expect is a set of monogrammed tools. With the advances in marking machinery, it is fairly simple and inexpensive to get metal engraving customized. Many marking machinery job shops are equipped with the metal engraving tools to perfectly suit any size and font for monogramming.

In years past, certain metals were not able to be marked by metal engraving tools because the metals were not compatible in the sense that one could pierce the surface of the other. This limited how tools like socket wrenches, hammers and screw drivers were able to be engraved, since they are heavy duty tools made of heavy duty metals. With newer metal engraving tools, like laser etching, these heavy duty metals can now be easily engraved. Why would your spouse or significant other want monogrammed or engraved tools? For one thing, it gives the tools a personalized flare that will enable the owner to keep track of them no matter what, never getting them confused with another person’s tools because they are customized. Another reason could be that a serious tool owner, who has numerous sizes and styles of tools, would like them to be clearly identified.

Another aspect of customized marking for tools is the chrome covering that can also be applied during the process. Additional treatments can not only make the engraving even more clear but also protect the material from quick deterioration, making it even more financially worthwhile. So if you are looking for a cool gift for your guy, consider getting them a set of engraved tools, or getting the set they already have engraved. If nothing else, it’ll make them feel classy.