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Military Specification Nameplate Manufacturers

One way to guarantee your company will never go out of business is to market to the military, who have the highest standards as far as product quality goes and are therefore willing to pay for it. Nameplate manufacturers can jump on this band wagon too. There are a plethora of faviconapplications for nameplates in the military, from desk name plates to door name plates to the dog tags worn by every individual soldier, all of which are unique. These examples are just scratching the surface of the nameplate demands the military makes on a daily basis.

Custom nameplates have always been a big seller in the nameplate industry. The requirements of the military demand quite a bit of custom work because of the amount of personal information that needs to be attached to various persons and objects. Standard name plates for weapons instructions and other related uses are also necessary, which means mass production will be practiced by a nameplate manufacturer working for the military. The varieties of materials will be just as varied as they are for other common industries that use nameplate manufacturers. Metal materials include gold, aluminum and copper, while mass amounts of thermoplastics are also often used.

The techniques utilized by nameplate manufacturers producing military name plates are also as varied and simple as they are for other target industries. Common practices include laser etching, hot stamping, screen printing, embossing, engraving and photo anodizing, among other techniques as well. Which one is used depends on the material it is marking, the amount of information being transferred to the material, whether it is being mass produced or customized and how much the military is willing to pay for what. Some processes are more expensive then others, although the quality of work is always worth the price.

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