Embossing and Crafting

Embossing Machines

All of those crafters out there, start getting ready! Have you had the chance to use an embossing machine yet? Because I have a feeling you would like one. They can be great for scrap booking, creating cards and other craft projects. These machines vary, but for the most part they will be dual use, allowing you not only to emboss the shapes, but cut out shapes as well. It allows those who love to create new and individual pieces the freedom to do so. With multi-tasking embossers, crafters can get involved in all sorts of new projects. They can now embellish and cut in a variety of designs in a much easier way than ever before.

Embossing machines are not just for the crafters and do it yourselfers of the world. These products are most commonly found in industry settings for their ability to create three dimensional patterns and images. This can be done on paper, leather, plastic and other materials. To accomplish this, heat and pressure are used to raise or depress the images with the use of rollers or else dies.

In the roller method, there will be two rollers, on will be patterned, the other completely flat. The materials will then be fed through the rollers and the pattern is imprinted on the surface. This process is continuous whereas the die method is one at a time. In this method there is once again the flat die and the patterned die, and pressure is used to create the desired imprint. This latter method is more often used for short run production lines, whereas the roller method might work best for items that need to be continuously created. In addition to these variations there are also manual, electric, hydraulic and other modifications that must be decided upon before finding the right embossing machine for your applications.