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Advantages of Various EDM Companies

Electrical Discharge Machining. It is a process you may not hear about it everyday, but you run into its many uses. EDM can be used for car parts, tools, electrical parts and so much more. By using electrical energy it is able to shape metal by essentially melting away the unwanted parts. By cutting and shaping metals with this method, many sizes can be created and they can be done so burr-free.

One new way this method has been put to use is in the aerospace industry. In fact, last year, this highly precise and effective method was utilized in the creation of unpiloted spacecraft. In this project, the company Sodick used EDM to build a reusable spacecraft that would help in providing an inexpensive access to space. By making the initial investment in the equipment, future costs will be lowered. It will also benefit in its ability to negate the need to continue subcontracting the EDM companies requirements. With subcontractors out of the way, a lot of money can be put to other advances in the products made. In addition, having the machines will make it easier to control the manufacturing processes. Sodick’s wire eroder will supply many benefits for not only unpiloted spacecraft, but satellites and passenger aircraft as well. The possibilities are endless, and for electrical discharge machining, this is only the beginning.

While these machines and equipment are a large initial investment, after this investment is paid off the benefits are tremendous. The products created through electrical discharge machining are precise and hygienic, making them valuable in countless industries. In addition, many different metals can be used, making the product possibilities countless. When you want quality and precision every time, choose electrical discharge companies for your solution. They can provide you with the equipment or products you need for your next project.

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