Preventing Thermal Heat Loss

Duct Heaters

If not properly insulated, a lot of energy can be lost through your air ducts. Insulated duct heaters or cooling ducts can significantly reduce unwanted heat loss or gain. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates this reduction can be up to about 30 percent. Non-insulated metal ducts bleed out large amounts of thermal energy. By insulating your metal ducts, you can save a significant amount of money on your energy bill.

To save money on electrical expenses there are three ways to insulate air ducts. Keep in mind that the direction hot air travels in your ducts may have an a effect on insulation. The first method to reducing energy loss is to install insulated flexible ducts. These ducts don’t require complex pathways and installations. Since the ducts can bend, they can go practically anywhere. Also, the amount of hassle required to install ducts in tight spots of your home is reduce.

Instead of replacing your current ducts with insulated flexible ducts, you can purchase blanket duct wrap. It is easy to install and doesn’t cost very much. Also known as “batt and roll,” blanket duct wrap comes in rolls and warps around your current air ducts. It usually has to be cut to the appropriate length for the segment of your duct to be insulated.

As an alternative the prior two methods, reflective insulation can easily be installed. This doesn’t require protective gear. The average handyman can pick some of this up to prevent thermal energy loss. Reflective insulation works in much of the same way as the blanket wrap. They difference, is there is no fiberglass or other materials that will make your hands itchy.