The Power of Corn Cob

Corn Cob Media

Deburrring is the process of removing unwanted materials, metal pieces, or burrs from an object- typically made from metal or plastic. Sometimes deburring equipment is used to remove dirt and grease from an object or polish an object and remove scratches. The use of the machine can vary with the type of media used. Harder media, like glass or metal beads, will remove burs and smooth the piece. Softer media, like cord cob medias, willfavicon perform a cleaning or polishing function on the pieces inside the tank.

Corn cob medias actually come in a variety of different sizes and sharpness levels that will change what the media will do. Softer and smaller pieces can create a high gloss polish on metals like brass, silver, and even steel. Using a polishing liquid combined with the corn cob pieces will achieve an even shinier polish. Larger chunks of corn cob will remove minor scratches and remove tiny imperfections or burrs from metal, plastic, and other materials. Depending on what you want to accomplish in a deburring machine, different sizes of corn cob media are necessary.

One of the main advantages of corn cob media is that it will absorb dirt and oil. It can also be used several times before it becomes unusable. This makes the use of corn cob media highly cost effective and versatile for a variety of industries from jewelry making to bullet manufacturing. Factories can get a large amount of use out of corn cob media for one low price.