A Coil Heater for Your Every Need

Coil Heaters

An electric coil heater is a type of heater that uses electric energy to heat a coil of wire or other material to heat an object. Many industrial equipment pieces use electric coil heating systems for their heating operations. However, there are many different types of heating coils to choose from. Knowing the options available and the common uses for each electric coil heater can help a factory choose the best coil heater for their needs.

Flat coil heater: A flat coil heater is a simple heater that is wound around a flat coil. IT is easy to place inside a variety of objects because of the flat shape. This kind of heater is commonly used in injection molding machines for plastic and metal of all sizes.

Maxi coil heater: A maxi coil heater is one of the largest forms of heater coils. The large size makes it run hotter than smaller heaters, which makes it ideal for large injection molding machines or large die casting machines and metal molding equipment.

Axial clamp heater: The axial clamp heater is a type of heater that can clamp onto other objects, warming them from the outside in. This kind of heating element is ideal for high caution applications.

Formable coil heater: A formable coil heater is a type of heater that can conform to a variety of shapes without damaging the heating elements. This kind of heater is ideal for groove heating applications. The formable heater is also excellent at heating challenging objects, because you can wrap the heater into nearly any shape imaginable.

Round coil heater: The round coil heater is a simple heater design that is available in a variety of sizes. The round heater is somewhat flexible, and is perfect for challenging heating requirements.