Guest at the Manor

Coil Heaters

For the past week my roommates and I have entertained a little guest in our manor. We are currently babysitting our friend’s Chinchilla to spare him the misery of our friend’s lack of air conditioning. Chinchillas are native to the Andes Mountains and inhabit cooler environments. They can’t sweat so if the temperature rises above 80°F the rodent can overheat andfavicon get heat stroke. So he sits in our basement trapped a cage with two wire platforms and some hay to recreate his environment.

Pasha (the Chinchilla) is always methodically scheming his means of escape. He managed it once and left a trail of presents everywhere he went. I am desperate for his love. I poke my head in every now and then and attempt to make small talk. He humors me while stuck in his cage but once outside he is more concerned with practicing parkour than giving me any affection. I am am nothing more than an obstacle on the outside world. So, to earn his keep we are going to train Pasha into a warrior to take care of our raccoon problem in the attic.

There is a lot responsibility when looking after a pet Chinchilla. Luckily his mother comes over frequently to take care of all that. He has to chew on sticks to prevent his teeth from over growing and taking over his face. He can’t eat jelly beans, cake, ice cream or much of anything fun because he’ll get diabetes. What is even stranger is he can’t touch water. It’s not like he’s allergic to it but if Pasha’s fur is so thick that if he gets wet his soft coat will get moldy.

If he so happens to touch any vile water he would have to be blow dried. A hair dryer is an electric coil heater. The coil in the dryer gets electrically charged and becomes red hot. The air around the coils will be heated and blown out with an exhaust fan right on to our furry little friend. If Pasha can’t touch water how does he bathe you ask? Well, he uses dust to absorb oil and dirt. His mom got him a pink little house to serve as his dust bath. Once in there Pasha rolls around in ecstasy mimicking what it would look like if he was trapped in a dryer.