Advantages to Centrifugal Casting

Centrifugal casting is a unique form of casting for metal. The casting process occurs inside of a tube-shaped machine that spins rapidly. The metal is poured inside the spinning machine, which then evens the metal into a round shape that is the same thickness throughout. The machine can also automaticallyseparate out impurities, which are easy to remove later. Centrifugal casting companies choose this casting method for a variety of reasons, some of which include:

Casting possibilities: Using a centrifugal casing method increases the possibility for metal casting. Originally, this casting method was created for railway parts, such as wheels and other circular pieces. The centrifugal casting process makes it possible to create strong, thin cylinder or circular shapes, mainly used in industries where precision and evenness are extremely important.

Impurity removal: Centrifugal casting companies choose this casting method because it is easy to remove impurities after the casting process is finished. All impurities travel to the same area on the metal piece during the casting process, making it easy to simply remove them with sanding or another removal method after the piece is finished. It is more difficult to remove impurities casted by other methods, because the impurities are scattered throughout the metal.

Balance: Centrifugal casting is one of the best methods to use to create a perfectly balanced and even piece of metal. This form of casting was extremely important before electronic precision measuring and cutting was invented. Centrifugal casting was a vital part of railroad and early vehicle construction and created perfectly round wheels that glided easily along a rail track or road. Today, long, thin cylinders of metal are easily created using centrifugal casting machines. Centrifugal casting is an easy way to accomplish what it takes a lot of time and expense to accomplish using electronics and technology.