How to Clean Your Sandblasting Cabinet

Sandblasting cabinets keep your workspace clean as you blast away rust, paint, dirt, and other contaminants from the surface of an object. But after blasting these materials away, what happens to them? The particles can build up inside your cabinet, making the inside a contaminated environment that can scratch and damage delicate materials and objects. The best way to ensure the quality of your materials is to routinely clean out the inside of your cabinet to remove unwanted contaminants and keep the cabinet clean between each use.
Remove all blasting media from the inside of the cabinet with a small brush. Dispose of the used media. Some media is reusable, but most media dulls after the first use and does not perform as well in future uses. If your media is reusable, rinse it with water and use a degreasing cleaner to remove any other unwanted dirt from the surface of the media. Allow the media to dry completely before using it again.
Use a scrub brush to clean out the walls of the cabinet with degreasing cleaner. Do not use a soap cleaner, as this can cause unwanted soap build-up inside the cabinet.
Rinse the cabinet with water and a soft cloth until the water runs clear. Allow the unit to dry completely before using it again with other blasting media. Clean the outside of the unit with the same degreasing cleaner to avoid dust and grease build-up on the outside of the cabinet.
If you maintain your sandblasting cabinets, they will last for many years and provide outstanding results every time. This is one easy way to prevent unnecessary mistakes while sandblasting while keeping the safety of the operation uppermost. A clean blasting cabinet is a safe and effective blasting cabinet that will produce perfect results every time.