Baking Oven: The Mass Production of Food

Having worked in the food service department of a college as a sous chef and a caterer I have had my fair share of experiences with industrial ovens that were made for baking. Making massive amounts of food for hungry college students requires a series of very large baking ovens that are designed with numerous racks so more then one thing can be cooked or baked at once. That is why an industrial baking oven can also be known as a batch oven. Regardless of what it is called, a baking oven in a commercial context such as a school or a catering business is used for the mass production of food and therefore must live up to the same sorts of standards imposed on other industrial machines.
The precision and perfection required of manufacturing machines such as hydraulic presses and robotic automation machines are not standards one would immediately assign to industrial ovens. However, a baking oven in a large commercial context does need to be incredibly dependable. The type of heat needs to be consistent, uniform and precisely the same as the temperature knobs dictate, and cooking or baking quickly is more important in these contexts since the mass production of food means hunger needs to be purged immediately.
Portable ovens are another style of baking oven used in the mass production of food. In a catering situation, it may be that most of the food is nearly cooked before hand then sent in a hot box to the event location where it is completed in portable ovens so the food is served perfectly prepared and steaming. When dealing with food in mass quantities, but still living up to a certain standard of excellence, these are things that must be considered. A baking oven in a restaurant, catering service, bakery or school setting will always have a lot of demands and must be well manufactured to meet them.