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IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: SFR Industries

Providing exceptional customer service and specializing in solutions to all unique and specific requirements has set SFR Industries apart from the competition for many years. Beginning in 1978, we began breaking into the industry with two employees and a single plastic extruder. We now offer over thirty lines of plastic extrusions and have grown to include over sixty employees. We are proud to be able to take your idea and turn it into the product you need.

A Little More On Plastics with Plastic Fabrication

We have been discussing plastic a lot lately and there is a simple reason for this: plastic is everywhere! It has not only completely taken over, it has transformed our lives. This versatile material has become a very popular alternative to items that were once primarily created out of metal, wood or glass. Due to the ease of fabrication and the low costs of production it has been able to make its way into every aspect of our world and most likely will not be leaving anytime soon. First developed in the late 1800s, plastic products exploded following World War I when new improvements in chemical technology allowed new forms to be created. This material can be used in almost any industry in some form or another and because it provides a countless number of benefits. These factors have made plastic fabrication the indispensable method it has come to be in households and businesses alike.

We’re Surrounded by Plastics

If I were to look at the tag on my shirt’s collar, I’d probably see instructions for washing the shirt and some information about its composition. I happen to be in an office at the moment, so I can’t take off my shirt and look. But if memory serves, the shirt I’m wearing is composed of a mixture of cotton and polyester (and maybe a third ingredient – rayon or something like that). “Polyester” is a blanket term that can be used in reference to a few different kinds of polymers, though it’s most commonly used in reference to polyethylene terephthalate. You may know polyethylene terephthalate by its nickname: PET. If not, you’re certainly familiar with products composed of PET. Your soda bottles, your ketchup bottles, your mouthwash bottles and all manner of other bottle varieties are probably made of PET. You know PET as a variety of plastic. It’s likely that you think of plastics as non-metal, non-wood, non-stone, hard but sometimes flimsy things whose origin you’re not certain of but whose utility is eminently obvious.

The Many Forms of Plastic Containers

Plastic containers have changed the way we do things. Offering countless forms as well as benefits including strength, versatility, durability, customizability and low cost, they are beneficial to every industry. They are available in every size, shape and color and can be used for virtually any function or application. In addition, the fact that they can be recycled makes them valuable to the planet by reducing the space taken up in landfills. Whether you are using bioplastics or contributing to recycling, plastics can be beneficial to keeping the planet clean if treated in the right way. As of now, only 15-35% of the plastics used are recycled. By increasing this number, we can help save the planet by reducing landfill space and helping prevent additional occurrences such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. When it comes to recycling containers there are 7 different types you need to be aware of. Many recycling companies will accept most or all types, but this isn’t always the case so households need to determine which types can be recycled.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Associated Bag Company

Providing excellent customer service has been the focus at Associated Bag Company since the business began in 1938, selling burlap bags from the back of a horse-drawn wagon in Milwaukee. Since this humble beginning, the business has grown into the national company it is today because of its continuing emphasis on customer satisfaction. And while it still sells burlap bags, its current line of products has expanded into thousands of hard-to-find packaging products and shipping supplies… plastic bags, poly liners, poly bags, boxes, tape, nylon ties, vinyl envelopes, mailers, shrink and stretch wrap, foam, bubble, safety equipment, tools, janitorial supplies and much, much more. Providing a wide variety of top-notch products is just the first of many ways that Associated Bag Company ensures that their customers are fully satisfied.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Brogan Manufacturing, Inc.

A quality plastic product must be engineered by competent minds and manufactured by capable hands. The knowledge and skill required for this excellent plastic fabrication is exactly what a customer will receive when they go to Brogan Manufacturing, Inc. for their plastic machining needs. Since the beginning of Brogan Manufacturing in 1985, a birth that took place in the garage of owner Mike Brogan, the priority has always been to attain the highest quality of workmanship possible. As our company has grown into a space of 10,000 square ft. and the staff has expanded to 22 employees, this priority has remained. It is accompanied by first-rate customer service and a family-friendly work environment that has developed a happy and hard-working machining team.

Rubber Extrusions – Worth Your Attention

In 1999, the United States International Trade Commission undertook an investigation into whether or not extruded rubber thread (ERT) imports from Indonesia were causing material injury to an American industry. The Department of Commerce had determined that the threads were being sold in the U.S. at “less than fair value,” which, the committee determined, made it too difficult for American manufacturers of the same products to compete. The Commission decided that Indonesia was indeed “dumping” its extruded rubber thread on the American market. In response, the ITC instructed the DOC to instruct the Customs Service to impose duties on extruded rubber thread imported from Indonesia, effectively raising the price of the product for American buyers and making American-made products less unattractive in the process.

The Natural Progression of Rubber Molding

Rubber is by no means a new substance, dating back to 1500 B.C., although it is one that has evolved significantly in the last 140 years. This evolution has come from chemical alterations being applied to natural rubber in its molten state, creating specialized versions known as synthetic rubbers. How rubber is formed and manufactured is a parallel evolution, as more efficient and detail oriented techniques, such as rubber molding, are now equally as popular as the rubber extrusion techniques that have been around longer. Technological advancements are changing the face of our world in wonderful ways, including the natural progression occurring with materials such as synthetic rubber and the processes that turn it into useful products, such as rubber molding. However, this evolution does not mean that the older die casting methods and the original substances like natural rubber are forgotten. In this case progression does not wipe out the competition; it only dominates it.

Plastic Bags Go “Green”

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but we are killing the earth, one non-recyclable item at a time. Fixing the damage that has been done to our planet since the dawn of the industrial age is no simple task, nor is preventing further destruction when we continue to create products that will sit in landfills for centuries instead of decomposing back into the natural cycle of life. However, in recent years society has caught on to the environmentally friendly attitude that is turning non-recyclable items into recyclable ones, and manufacturers of a variety of products are following suit. One such example is plastic bags, products that are abundant in our shopping nation. The retail industry utilizes plastic bags in every type of store, including grocery, hardware, home furnishing, clothing and toys, to name a few. Versions of these bags are also used in the medical and shipping industry, and they are also used for storage and movement of parts within manufacturing companies of all sorts. With so many uses, most of which require more then one bag at a time, it is no surprise that the creation and utilization of recyclable plastic bags should be a priority.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Fairchild Industries, Inc.

Family-owned Fairchild Industries combines global manufacturing, technological advancement, value added services and a genuine desire to provide the solutions customers are looking for. Founded in 1961 with an initial focus on the automotive industry, Fairchild now supplies precision molded and extruded plastic and rubber products to a range of markets across the world. We are a growth oriented and driven company, serving agricultural, construction, rail and aircraft industries as well as many others.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: NewAge Industries, Inc.

With over 50 years of industry experience, it comes as little surprise that NewAge Industries, Inc. is a leader in the production of plastic and rubber tubing. What may surprise customers, however, is the outstanding quality not only of the product, but of the service they receive. Customer care, positive outlook, collaboration, innovation, and accountability name just a handful of the lessons taught to all new employees and put into practice by every NewAge team member. Fostering an environment of participation, our company continues to grow with flourishing production, sales and research and development.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Custom-Pak, Inc.

Since 1974, our company has proven itself to be the industry leader in the production of blow molded parts as well as the most efficient blow molding equipment available on the market today. Custom-Pak, Inc. is a global force with 6 blow molding facilities in North America along with 3 supporting operations allowing for design and mold making, equipment building, and compounding and recycling. The ambitious undertakings, irrefutable reputation and continued success of our company can be attributed to our near 40 year history of technical superiority and ever advancing capabilities.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Design Converting, Inc.

The mission of Design Converting, Inc. is clear cut: to be the choice supplier for plastic die cutting, foam die-cutting, rubber die-cutting, fabrication and secondary services to its valued customers. Offering further processes such as laminating, screen-printing and stamping, DCI has grown both in service capability and in customers since our formation in 1996. With a commitment to continual improvement and high standards, DCI holds an ISO 9001:2008 certification for its quality management system. As evidence of this commitment, our team at DCI works closely with our customers, from initial product consulting to engineering and design to final production, ensuring the finished product meets the specific characteristics and tolerances often required in die cut parts and components.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Arizona Sealing Devices, Inc.

A small business offering big results, Arizona Sealing Devices, Inc. has flourished on the founding principal of providing exceptional customer service, products and delivery to each and every customer. Though in 1989, our company began as a stocking distributor of mainly o-rings, our mission to provide high quality components and a progressive approach to customer service, led to a tremendous expansion in product offerings. More than just a list of products, the qualified professionals at Arizona Sealing Devices take the time to research the components we provide, as well as the applications we provide them for. Such reassurance and willingness to become actively involved in meeting and exceeding the expectations of every customer have attracted a long line of returning customers, referrals, and new business.

Laser Cutting: This isn’t Hollywood

We’ve all seen the movies – time is running out for the hero to rescue the girl/stop the explosion/find the diamond etc. and he comes across an impenetrable structure. What does he do? More often than not, he reaches into his pocket, pulls out a remarkably small piece of equipment, or if he is James Bond, simply turns the knob on the side of his watch, and produces a high-power laser beam that cuts right through the obstacle and allows him to save the day. Now if the laser cutting power is in the hands of the ‘bad guy’, it is more often used to threaten life, limb and landform, combined with some over-the-top special effects and a dramatic soundtrack. While laser beams and their ability to cut through materials and destroy large buildings are entertaining aspects of many an action film, it does lead us to have misconceptions about the capability of laser cutting, and what it is can be used for today.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Accurate Products, Inc.

Located in the Midwest, Accurate Products, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer in the rubber industry since 1947, providing high-quality standard and custom rubber molded parts to OEMs and industrial sectors such as agricultural, automotive and HVAC. In addition to 25,000 square feet of warehouse capacity in the US, we have successfully worked in Southeast Asia for over 20 years, sourcing high-quality products at low costs. At Accurate, we strive to exceed client expectations in every aspect of the manufacturing process, focusing on building long term profitable working relationships.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: AAC – Advanced Antivibration Components

Founded in 1960, Designatronics, Inc. is better known by its divisions which have grown to be industrial powerhouses in their respective fields. One such company is Advanced Antivibration Components (AAC). AAC converts the 50 years of technical expertise offered by the parent company into the highest quality vibration absorbers available. Though part of a larger company, AAC has built its own reputation for excellence in myriad industrial applications including defense and medical fields which require not only the best products, but the best service and efficiency. Through superior customer service and continual support Advanced Antivibration Components remains committed to helping customers find the best solution to their every shock and vibration challenge.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: MOD Custom Rotomolding

Nearly 80 years ago Edwin Meese founded Meese, Inc. in Madison, Indiana. Now known as the Meese Orbitron Dunne Company, often abbreviated MOD, Edwin’s vision has grown to become an award winning powerhouse in rotomolding and plastics design. MOD continually invests in the most sophisticated rotational molding equipment available to deliver ever superior product quality. MOD’s concern for quality reaches beyond manufacturing to the environment as they strive for improvements in energy and material efficiency. More than effective and efficient machinery and processes, MOD owes its many successes and accolades to the vast repertoire of talented and knowledgeable experts that have been a hallmark of the company since its earliest origins.

The Sound Decision: Keeping the Peace with Soundproofing

Most depictions of suburban or even rural living portray a life of tranquility where one might spend evenings sitting in the rocker on the porch and listening to the orchestra of crickets and other critters. In reality, however, those crickets and critters can be quite loud. Not just the natural wildlife, but the neighborhood dog howling contest, the start up garage band and even the occasional traffic creates a ruckus known as noise pollution. A common disturbance in the suburbs, problems with noise control are an epidemic in city settings. If the chorus of crickets were overwhelming, imagine living near an actual orchestra hall. Luckily, most modern or refurbished concert halls, theatres, apartments and even industrial manufacturing plants combat this encroaching problem with soundproofing.

Quality Bonding Time with Rubber to Metal Bonding

Though not quite fall, several elementary schools across the nation are already back in session. Despite the summer sun still beaming in the sky, patient children sit eagerly anticipating the next lesson to be learned, hanging on the every word of their dear teachers. Well, that I am sure would be the dream of most teachers anyway. In reality, if we all take a minute to think back, no matter how much we did or did not enjoy the learning process from time to time our young minds surely wandered to that sunny window and the playground it overlooked in the distance. Ah recess, a time of fun filled bursts of energy, but also the source of many lasting scars. The playground at my school was a sea of swings, hot asphalt, gravel and all sorts of metal contraptions to climb over, swing on and occasionally fall from. While the longing for recess has not changed, the apparatuses of recess have. Instead of finished metal, rubber to metal bonding now provides playthings that offer a new layer of protection for students so recess can be spent bonding with friends rather than the pavement and subsequently the school nurse.

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