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Environmental Testing for the Best Product Possible

With your company’s reputation on the line, especially in this unstable economy, the functionality and reliability of your products need to be rock-solid. Whether you’re refining existing products or developing new, you can’t waste valuable time on the wrong product testing procedure. Beyond simply meeting the standards for your industry, you want to stand out from the competitors by offering superior performance for the long run. Proper environmental testing is key during research and development; you want the confidence of going to market with documented proof that your product is the best it can be. After all, consumers will love the great warranties you will be able to offer, and why leave the door open for costly, time-consuming recalls?

The Man Cave: How Not to Organize Your Facility’s Workstations

Whether you’re assembling a plastic component, packaging products in boxes or machining metal parts on a lathe, the basic principles of a good workspace are the same: efficient use of space and attention to worker safety. Together these create a high-production workflow while lowering production costs. Let’s look at a few of the ways the Pole Barn’s workstations and workbenches fail to apply these principles, a few ways it succeeds, and how all this applies to improving your own facility…

Magnets: One of Nature’s Best Tools

The magnet is one of civilization’s oldest and most useful tools. Most people would be surprised to learn how many items and conveniences in our daily lives are made possible by magnets. I say most people, but certainly not all; manufacturers of industrial magnets and veterans of the agricultural, mining and metal fabricating industries are well aware of magnets’ many diverse – and essential – uses.

Conveyor Systems: Rolling Cheese Downhill in Safety

Getting objects of all shapes, sizes, weights and levels of fragility from point A to point B has been one of the biggest – or at least most common – challenges in industrial manufacturing since the industry’s beginning. So you’ve just fabricated two tons of gray iron cast pump housings – fantastic! How are you going to move them from production to packaging and distribution? Chances are facilities for those two processes aren’t back to back, and while Amazing Race contestants may not mind carrying 200 pounds on their backs through dangerous territory, the workers in a gray iron casting plant might (and so would the company’s attorneys). Conveyor systems manufacturers make processes like these not only possible, but easy, and they use a very wide range of conveyor designs to do so. Some of these conveyor designs, like roller skatewheels, use simple gravity to guide products along…

Are You Going to Shred That? Industrial Shredding for a Greener, More Secure World

Two buzz phrases that you couldn’t possibly have missed in this new millennium: ‘Going Green’ and ‘Identity Theft.’ In this environmentally and privacy conscious world, industrial shredding is in high demand. It’s not simply about destroying sensitive documents or reducing the size of waste to make more room in trash bins and dumpsters; industrial shredders and grinders make an array of discarded materials viable for recycling and reuse…

How to Write a Specification For and Evaluate a Design/Build Cleanroom Proposal

With the increasing emphasis on utilizing the design/build method of delivery in the construction industry, and the desire to evaluate proposals using that old adage of ‘apples to apples’, it becomes incumbent upon the owner to create a specification which will insure that contractors have the appropriate information to propose the facility accurately…