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Heartland Products Group LLC: Midwest Leader of Manufactured Cores, Tubes and Composite Cans

Heartland Products Group is the leading manufacturer of custom paper tubes, cores and composite cans in the Midwest. We offer our customers a high-quality, dependable product and pride ourselves in using 100% recycled paperboard. Customers will be satisfied with our fast turnaround, low minimums and exceptional customer services.

Chicago Mailing Tube Co.: Premiere Custom and Standard Mailing Tubes and Cores

Chicago Mailing Tube (CMT) is an independent, family-owned company that started in 1902. We go above and beyond to provide the highest quality, efficient, effective and economical custom and standard mailing tubes and cores. CMT operates with all of our state-of-the-art machinery under one roof so we are able to provide exceptional, cost- efficient production capabilities to our customers and meet their 24-hour shipping deadlines. We even offer no minimum order to better accommodate our customer’s needs!

A Force in Nationwide Reconditioning.

Jakacki Bag & Barrel, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that is dedicated to the reconditioning of drums. We are the leading reconditioner of Plastic Drums, Fiber and steel. We sell reconditioned and new fiber, plastic, and steel drums in all sizes and types. We are located in Chicago Illinois and have been in business since 1942. We also offer additional services like the grinding of old plastic drums, reconditioning super bags, tote cleaning for chemical and water treatment industries and the selling and reconditioning gaylords. All these services combined with our drum reconditioning makes us one of the reconditioners in the U.S.A.

The Flexible Packaging Experts.

International Plastics is a world leading manufacturer, importer, and supplier of all types of protective, flexible packaging. Some of our products include Polyethylene Bags, Plastic Liners, Reclosable Ziplock Bags, Retail Shopping Bags, Merchandise Bags, Trade Show Bags, Poly Tubing, Poly Sheeting, and Poly Film. Our manufacturing facilities are located in South Carolina, Texas, China, and Taiwan. We utilize ultramodern technology in extrusion, printing, and converting to manufacture unique packing solutions that serve different industries.

Top Manufacturer of Plastic Products.

Custom Poly Packaging is a top manufacturer of several plastic products including Plastic Bags, Yard Signs, Zipper Bags, Mailer Bags, polyethylene bags and Die-Cut Bags. We also offer bags made form earth-friendly films that are biodegradable once in contact with earth. Custom Poly Packaging is proudly American. All our products are made in the USA at our production facilities and offices in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Western Container: “Wound-Up” to Serve You

Here at Western Container we are devoted to supplying our customers with the best when it comes to cardboard cores, tubes and composite cans. We have been working in the industry since 1942 and have maintained our statues as a leader of the industry by acquiring some of the greatest personnel in the business to work at our state-of-the-art facility located in Beloit, Wisconsin.

Ace Paper Tube: Serving You for Over 40 Years

Ace Paper Tube has been a leading manufacturer of paper tubes, cores, mailing tubes and cans for over 40 years. We are a family owned business that is committed to not only providing premium products but also having outstanding customer service in every aspect of our business. You can count on us to deliver the best possible products at the lowest cost.

Premier Pack International: Where Customers Come First

Here at Premier Pack International, we have over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom carry solutions for our customers. We operate under the core values of trust, respect and cooperation. These values are carried over into every aspect of our business, especially when we are working with you to fulfill your order.

Sprinter Marking: A Reputation of Innnovation & Quality

Sprinter Marking has been in the business since the 1970’s and has built up a reputation in the industry as a leading manufacturer of marking machinery. We work with a variety of Fortune 500 companies who are repeat customers. We mention this as proof of our reputation and dedication to quality products and outstanding customer service.

Frain Industries – Buying Used Equipment, Risk Free

Frain Industries was founded in 1981 and has grown over the years into the world’s largest provider of high quality pre-owned packaging and processing machinery. Here at Frain Industries, we have equipment from over 125 different products including: Conveyors, Palletizer Equipment, Tanks, Mixers and so much more.

Bringing Function to Playtime

Sonotubes are a particular brand name of cardboard tube that is used as a concrete form for the construction of buildings and bridges. A sonotube is placed into the ground where the desired concrete column is wanted. The tube is then filled with concrete, which is allowed to dry. After the concrete hardens, the tube is cut away to reveal the molded concrete column. Concrete columns created by sonotubes are surprisingly sturdy and resistant to a variety of impacts and vibrations, and can even resist earthquakes and other shifts in the earth.

The Artistic Side of Cardboard

Cardboard products are all over our world. Nearly every form of product packaging uses some kind of cardboard, whether it is cardboard boxes, wrapping, or simple cardboard tubing. All of this cardboard packaging is manufactured by cardboard manufacturing companies around the world.

The Benefits of Telescope Tubes for Packaging

A telescope tube is a type of cardboard tube that has two pieces. The bottom piece is actually the tube container, while the second piece fits over the first and acts as the lid. Some telescope tubes have smaller tubes that act as the lid, while other cardboard tubes have lids that are nearly the same length as the original tube. Telescope tubes are often used as packaging tubes for delicate materials, including documents, artwork, light bulbs, cosmetics, and many other use. Many manufacturers choose to use these kinds of cardboard tubes to package their goods for retail sales. Telescope tubes can provide many benefits to manufacturers, such as:

What Do Cardboard Tube Factories Make?

There are literally hundreds of cardboard tubes used in the world. Poster tube manufacturers often make many other products in addition to poster tubes. All of these cardboard products are a vital part of our world and provide valuable services that it would be hard to imagine life without.

The Basic Construction of Paper Core

Paper core is the inside material made from wood pulp and other materials that go inside wrapped tubes to provide support and stability to wrapped materials like fabric, paper, or plastic. You can find paper cores on nearly every wrapped object, including toilet paper, paper towels, household tape, paint rollers, and many other common household tools and supplies. Even factories and commercial companies use paper cores in their businesses for a variety of storage and industrial uses. The process of creating paper core is interesting, and most paper core manufactures use a similar process to create their cores. If you ever get the chance to tour a paper-tube manufacturing plant, it makes for an interesting and informative field trip.

Where are Paper Cores Used?

A paper core uses a different manufacturing process than traditional paper. Although paper core is manufactured from wood just like regular paper, the manufacturing process is different. Industrial paper cores are made from wood pulp and provide additional stabilization from the inside. These cores are ideal for holding the weight of the object wrapped around the core, such as large amounts of plastic sheeting, tape, or fabric. You can find paper cores used in the following areas:

Cardboard Coin Sleeves- Explained

Coin wraps are a necessity in many businesses, because they easily contain a specific amount of coins in each sleeve. These coin sleeves make it easier to transport money, and also take up less space than loose coins. Paper coin wraps are an alternative to larger coin banks, which are impractical for cash registers and other small storage spaces where space is limited.

Recycle Cardboard Tubes at Home

A cardboard tube has many uses even after its initial use. In your home, you will collect tubes from wrapping paper, document mailers, paper towels, or toilet paper. There is no need to dispose of the tubes after the initial product is gone. You can reuse the tubes to help prevent the accumulation of paper goods in landfills and garbage dumps. Try some of the following cardboard tube uses in your home: