Advantages of the Sonotube

A Sonotube is a brand of rounded construction column made with a cardboard core. The inside of the core is a type of concrete masonry form that is easy to cut and has a variety of uses. The Sonotube is one of the most popular forms of concrete masonry tubing because it is versatile and has many advantages that make it easy to use. The use of Sonotubes have a variety of advantages to the construction process, including:
Rounded shape: A rounded column shape is typically the preferred column shape because it does not chip as easily as shapes with edges, such as squares or rectangles. The rounded shape also provides less obstruction in the overall design of the building. Round shapes are also easier to finish than angled shapes.
Economical: Cardboard concrete forms are less expensive than metal or fiberglass forms. The construction company can purchase multiple cardboard forms to use for the same price as just one fiberglass or metal form. The use of cardboard forms is also important when different column widths or sizes are necessary, and when speed is a high priority.
Lightweight: Cardboard is much lighter than metal and fiberglass. This means that transporting the tubes is much easier and less of a problem. The cardboard can also be disposed of after each use, eliminating the need to remove it from the construction site.
Easy to install: Cardboard concrete forms are easier to use and install than metal or fiberglass forms. The cardboard is simple to place and easy to brace, which makes it a favorite choice for many contractors around the world.
Speeds production: The use of cardboard forms can speed production, because not only are they easier to install and use, completion of the project can go much faster because you don’t have to wait for one column to dry before installing another. You can pour multiple columns at once because the cost of each tube is so low.