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Columbia Machine, Inc: Worldwide Palletizing Solutions

For over 75 years, Columbia Machine, Inc. has been providing some of the best complete palletizing solutions and support in the industry. Our company got its start in 1937, when the young Fred Neth, Sr. opened a shop in Vancouver, Washington repairing concrete block-making machines. Soon our company began to grow and now is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of palletizers and concrete products equipment. We serve a variety of industries as well as some Fortune 200 companies who palletize a variety of products like paper towels, laundry detergent, fruit juice, dog food, and chicken. Our company is continuously coming up with innovations in developing state-of-the-art technology.

Associated Bag: Plastic Bag Supplier

Associated Bag started in 1938 selling burlap bags from a horse-drawn wagon. Today we are a highly regarded industry leader in plastic bags, packaging, shipping, and workplace products. We offer an extensive variety of products, including custom made products, at the right price, nationwide. Known for being a True Mil® Supplier, our company’s poly products meet industry-specified standards of poly thickness. We have earned an outstanding reputation with their 100% satisfaction guarantee, quality products, full inventory, and excellent customer service.

Rutan Poly Industries, Inc: Polyethylene Bags

Rutan Poly Industries, Inc. has been a reliable manufacturer and industry leader of custom polyethylene bags and film since the mid 60’s. Our family owned and operated company, located in Mahwah, New Jersey, has a strong focus on quality, service, honesty, and integrity. These have been leading principles for our company since the very beginning. Our bags are custom made in the USA and serve a wide variety of needs. Our company strives to earn our customer’s trust and confidence by providing reliable service, a wide variety of products, including custom product specifications, and cost effective solutions. Customer satisfaction is important to us and each customer is treated honestly and fairly.

Gurman Container & Supply Corp: The Quality Service You Need

Terre Haute, Indiana is home to one of the most successful plastic container manufacturers in the business, Gurman Container & Supply Corporation. Gurman Container & Supply Corporation is a Certified Woman-Owned Business and has been a family business founded in Terre Haute in 1922. We are one of the few Woman-Owned Businesses to be serving Indiana and the Mid-west with a broad line of containers (including steel, plastic and fiber drums and plastic bags) as well as a broad variety of safety, material handling and spill containment equipment and supplies. Currently, we support over 1,000 active customers in Indiana and throughout the United States including various federal and state owned locations.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Valk Industries, Inc.

Valk Industries, Inc began in 1975 as a provider of engineering and fabrication services, and we have now expanded to produce and provide paper tubes and cores, custom thermoforming products, and various packaging services. Our company is run based on family values, and we are a second generation family owned corporation. Quality, service and reliability are some values that have shaped how Valk Industries operates. Valk Industries, Inc. would like you to think of them as family, a family dedicated to providing quality, service and reliability to our customers.

The Jack of All Trades, Design Converting, Inc!

From Grand Rapids, Michigan comes Design Converting, Inc one of the most premier manufacturing companies in the nation. Design Converting offers a diverse selection of services and is your complete source for more than simply die cutting. In addition to their primary function, they are your complete source for fabricating, laminating, sitting & rewinding, screen printing, assembly, stamping, and packaging. There services do not stop there; they will work diligently to work with any material brought to them. They are committed to bringing the best in customer service and will even entertain suggestions for cost saving alternatives. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, they are hardworking professionals guaranteeing excellence with their products.

Enviro-Pak, Inc. Specializes In Fiber Drums

Enviro-Pak, Inc. has been creating high quality drums since 1991 and this trustworthy supplier is well-versed in manufacturing a variety of fibre pack, lock ring and light bulb drums. This industry leader provides a number of services including: prompt delivery, palletizing/unitizing, tamper proofing and more. Located in Edison, NJ this company utilizes the latest innovations to manufacture your value-added drums. Their packaging solutions are beneficial for storing or transporting dry materials. The experts at Enviro-Pak, Inc. will work with you to create products that match your applications specifications.

EBKContainers: Convenient and Reliable 55 Gallon Drums

EBKContainers is a turnkey manufacturer of a variety of 55 gallon drum products and drum accessories. Our company aims to provide our customers with outstanding products that come at a very affordable price. Our packaging solutions and material handling equipment is engineered with a full range of durable solutions. EBKContainers manufactures our steel drums from high quality cold-rolled steel. These items can be customized with rust-inhibitor interiors or chemical-resistant epoxyphenolic linings. From 4 oz. glass jars to 550 carbon steel bulk handling containers; EBKContainers can provide you with a quality-assured solution.

Thrust Industries: Providing Quality Assured Die Cutting Since 1971

Our company has over 40 years of experience manufacturing a number of outstanding products and solutions. Thrust Industries offers solutions for a wide range of industries including: medical, electronic, appliances, telecommunications, automotive and retail. Our company is committed to quality and we are ISO 9000 2008 certified. All of our products are thoroughly inspected and documented to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality items available. This customer-driven company aims to not only provide our customers with outstanding products but we also strive to deliver all components in a timely manner. Thrust Industries has built a reputation over the years of quick turnaround and uncompromising solutions.

Universal Plastic: Experianced Leader of Plastic Bag Manufacturing

Universal Plastic is an industry leading supplier of custom plastic bags. These long-lasting solutions are engineered by a highly trained staff who work hard to provide you with the most ideal products for your applications. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Universal Plastic is well-versed in creating items for those unique projects and this company utilizes state-of-the-art equipment which results in the highest quality products possible. These affordable items are reliable and this company will deliver all orders in a short amount of time. Located in Ontario, California this first-class supplier is here to serve you.

Assemblies Unlimited: High Performance Contract Packaging

Assemblies Unlimited is a turnkey manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. Over this time this talented and distinguished company has become recognized as a reliable source of primary and secondary packaging services. Assemblies Unlimited maintains 11 plant locations across North America which means they can quickly deliver any request. Customer satisfaction is very important to Assemblies Unlimited which is why this manufacturer works with their customers as their customers’ business needs grow. This versatile supplier is certified in a multitude of areas including: AIB, SQF, IFS, GFSI, Organic and Kosher. If you have any special requests then just let Assemblies Unlimited know and they will accommodate your needs.

American-Newlong, Inc. Provides Reliable Packaging Machinery

In 1986 our company sold the very first robot palletizer in North America. Since that time American-Newlong has improved our systems which have resulted in smoother operations and greater energy efficiency. Our products can palletize a variety of different materials at various speeds. Over the years we have provided solutions for a number of industries and applications including: food, fertilizer, grain, chemical and much more. Stationed in Indianapolis, IN we can quickly deliver products. Our highly trained staff is available to assist customers with determining the best packaging machinery for their needs. You can trust American-Newlong to provide outstanding palletizing equipment.

Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions: Sustainability and Satisfaction

Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions was founded in 1912 and has over 100 years of sustainability practices. Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions is an industry leader in developing the most sustainable products. This company is a global supplier of 100% recycled paperboard products and takes pride in saying they have been developing resource-conscious innovations long before it was fashionable. Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions strives to generate less waste, reduce energy consumption, encourage strong business & community relationships, increase stakeholder value through fiscal responsibility and much more. This company processes over 1.5 million tons of recovered fiber annually while focusing on the needs of their customers and the environment.

HyTech Spring and Machine Corporation: Exceeding Customer Expectations

Hytech Spring and Machine Corporation is a recognized supplier of springs and specialty items since 1984. This company offers customized contract manufacturing to meet the needs of each customer. Regardless of the application or industry the engineers at Hytech Spring and Machine Corporation can develop a reliable solution. This company has a range of manufacturing experience for a range of purposes including: office furniture, small appliances, construction equipment, mining & oil exploration, electronics, precision instruments, hardware, weapons and much more. Hytech Spring and Machine Corporation maintains a “can-do” attitude and has built a reputation of manufacturing custom items. Their engineers work with customers to determine the best products and will even perform on-sites to visits to fully understand every component of the application.

Mollers North America, Inc.: Performance, Perfection, Confidence

When it comes to the design, development, manufacture, and installation of unit load material handling systems and packaging equipment, Mollers North America, Inc. is the ideal choice. Founded in 1979, our international company hosts German engineering and United States manufacturing. Our company has a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility and hundreds of installation across the globe, with our North American headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Quality products offered by us include conveying, bagging, stretch-hooding, bagging, stretchwrapping and shrinkwrapping systems. With complete systems from one source, customers can pack, palletize, and protect all in one place.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: New Dimension Industries, LLC

New Dimension Industries got our start over twenty five years ago offering fabricated reticulated foam filters to a variety of industries in the filtration market. Our company now offers a number of foam products such as reticulated ester and ether urethanes, felted products, foam buns, and filtration foams. Specialty foams produced by us include medical foams, military safety foams, athletic foam as well as building materials and packaging foam. Our company has also expanded our reach to offer products like explosion suppressing fuel tank baffles, bioreactor media platforms and endoscopy tube cleaners. We also specialize in flexible plastics, fabricating conventional polyester and ployether, XLPE, and specialty materials like Magnifoam and Poron.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: MAXI Container, Inc.

Having founded Maxi Container, Inc. in 1980, Max Rubin summed up his business saying, ‘MAXI means the MOST in SERVICE and QUALITY.’ More than 30 years later, this simple motto embodies the company’s products and policies. While some things never change, the MAXI team understands that some things do. The company has grown from a small local steel drum wholesale operation to a modern industrial distributor and recycler reflective of and accommodating a global marketplace. MAXI offers the best in steel drums, plastic drums, pails, and intermediate bulk containers among other products, while recognizing that ‘the best’ for one customer may not be for the next.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: TMF Corporation

In 1988 Tom Fitzgerald set out to build a company with just one product to sell and one customer to sell it to. Our company, now doing business as the TMF Corporation, has since grown to supply the pharmaceutical, waste management and food processing industries with a full range of durable, high quality plastic pallets and other containers. Such growth can be attributed not only to the increasing realization of the many benefits afforded by plastic pallets, but to the skill and willingness of the company to recognize and apply these benefits. Our attentive staff at TMF has the ability to discern what is needed in every industry they serve, optimizing container use and application.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Custom Faberkin, Inc.

While the words innovation and tradition may seem at odds, Custom Faberkin, Inc. pulls them together seamlessly, offering customers innovative products built on traditional values. Established in 1968 to serve the commercial sewing needs of Wisconsin area industries, we have since developed into a world class sewing contractor supplying clients around the globe with high quality items built in the United States of America. Though some may cite the innovative industrial sewing we perform as the reason for our growth, success may also be attributed to our company’s traditional view that meeting and exceeding the individual needs of each and every customer is paramount.

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