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Increase Packaging Speed with Load Transfer Stations

For many years, the palletizing process stayed much the same. A conveyor system lined up the products into rows, and then the rows of products were pushed onto a pallet. Once the pallet was full, it was wrapped in plastic and sent on its way. With today’s increase in manufacturing demands, this old system does not work for many products. In addition to increased demand, many packages cannot be loaded onto pallets using traditional palletizing equipment. This brought about the rise in new palletizing methods, including high level palletizers and robot palletizers. These machines are capable of loading products faster and more efficiently than some of the older in line systems.

The Benefits of High Level Palletizers

Did you know that there are different types of palletizers? While there are two different main types of palletizers, the row-forming and robot categories of palletizers, there are also differences in the type of row-forming palletizers in the world as well. Row-forming palletizers are manufactured in low level palletizers and high level palletizers.

4 Reasons to Use Depalletizers

A depalletizer is designed to quickly break down a pallet of materials or objects for use in a factory. A depalletizer works quickly to release the objects from the pallet and place them on the factory production line. The use of depalletizers can have a highly beneficial impact on any factory, increasing production and reducing the amount of time it takes to complete the manufacturing process. Depalletizers can improve factory production by providing a factory with the following benefits:

Case Picking Basics

Case picking is usually a process that still requires the use of human selection. While there are some parts of the picking process that can be aided by machines, most order fulfillment and actual case picking is still done by humans. In basic case selection, an order is received by the distribution center. A person reads the order, then travels through the warehouse selecting the cases that fulfill the order. A machine can then actually pick up the units, or they are picked up by a human operator using a forklift or other assisted lifting device.

4 Reasons to Use Bag Palletizers

A bag palletizer is a palletizer specifically designed to load bags onto pallets. Bag palletizers are different from ordinary box palletizers because they are able to handle the somewhat delicate and unsteady nature of bags versus the strict and rigid construction of regular box packaging. Some bag palletizers are even more delicate, and are ideal for handling bags of chemicals, abrasive powders, corrosive materials, and even explosive materials. If your factory packages products into bags, consider using a bag palleltizer for the following reasons:

3 Problems with Automatic Palletizers

Whenever a machine completes a process, there are always going to be problems. Some people believe that the more components a system has, the more that can go wrong. This is true with automatic palletizers, just like with many other machines. A palletizer is designed to replace the manual loading of pallets with an automated machine. Automatic palletizers either use a sorting and layering technique or a robotic loading process to load products onto a pallet for shipping. Depending on how the machine works, you might run into the following problems with your palletizer:

Poly Presentations

Christmas brings with it candy, most of it homemade. People go out of their way to make fudge, dip peanut butter balls in chocolate or caramelize popcorn. Some of these candies are eaten at home, but most make their way onto the plates and into the hands of friends. When a plate with plastic wrap over it just isn’t enough, polyethylene bags come through with a fancy, practical application.

Resealable Plastic Bags: Greatest Invention Ever?

Resealable plastic bags are one of the best inventions of the 20th century. With a resealable bag, it is possible to use a bag multiple times. The most famous style of resealable bag, is of course, the zip-style bag, which is possible to zip close with two fingers and creates an airtight seal that protects various objects (typically food) from exposure to the air.

Impressing With Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are among the most common material in the world. Millions of new plastic bags are manufactured each day, and millions more are thrown away. Although plastic bags have recently received a bad reputation for harming the environment, there are still many applications where plastic bags are the perfect holding tool or even advertising method.

Maintaining Health With Medical Plastic Bags

Medical plastic bags have a very important job in their environment. They are used to quickly and safely expose of certain materials that may be unsanitary or contagious. There are certain restrictions that apply to plastic bags used in the medical field that may not apply to bags used as shopping bags. For example, some bags in the health care industry have been tested and approved by the National Health Service for daily use in hospitals. These bags are vital because they prevent the spread of infections by collecting soiled and infectious items.

Finding A Compromise For Plastic

Everyone is familiar with the recent push to move from plastic bags to canvas bags in grocery stores. The recycling movement and the push to “go green” have really shaped how many people live their lives. Schools are attempting to meet certain “green” regulations, recycling is a normal thing, and most people are extremely conscious of how their actions affect the environment. Promoting carpooling and riding bikes to work is commonplace, and plastic bag bans are in place in some cities.

A Tribute To Plastic Bags

I doubt there is a single person that does not use Ziploc bags for some reason or another. They are common place around the home, and are found in nearly every kitchen. They are handy for around the home, around the office and around the manufacturing plant. They keep objects clean and protect them from the elements and outside factors, as well as keep things together that are supposed to be together and keep things separate that are supposed to be separate. I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a love affair with Ziploc bags, and I’m probably not alone.

Clear Advantages of Plastic Shopping Bags

Plastic shopping bags take a lot of heat these days. There are movements against them, laws against them and regulations regarding their usage. They have been shunned in shopping centers and tossed aside to make room for current favorites like the reusable canvas bag that many stores are promoting. Although there are some definite ecological setbacks that plastic bags face, they can also be beneficial to retailers, customers and even the environment.

Domesticating With Plastic Bags

I am getting married soon and so I am attempting to learn how to cook in an attempt to become more domestic. I have always been talented in the art of macaroni and cheese, but cooking a gourmet meal is a different story. One appliance I have come to love is the crock pot I received from my mom for an early wedding present. It is the lazy girl’s best friend, because you can just throw ingredients in at the beginning of the day and you have a decent meal ready when you come home from work. To be even lazier, you can also prepare meals beforehand and freeze them in reclosable plastic food bags until you are ready to dump them in the crock pot.

Plastic To Protect Paper

While I was in college, I worked at a glasses retail store. My job was to find the perfect glasses to fit the customer’s lifestyle and personal style. The company I worked for had 4 locations in the greater Grand Rapids area, so we often called around to see if we could find a particular style in a different color or size in order to try to meet the customer’s needs. If we were lucky enough to find said glasses, we would request to have them transferred over to our store as soon as possible.

Will Plastic Bags Kill The Cat?

My cat is a very strange creature. She likes to sleep on her back with her feet in the air, loves to drink directly out of the faucet, and will refuse to eat any food that has been sitting in her bowl for more than a day. Her most disturbing habit, however, is that she likes (correction: loves) to eat plastic bags. I have taken all of the proper precautions such as hiding the bags from her and punishing her when she does eat them, but I can’t get her to stop. She will track those bags down and eat the whole thing! Out of all the things she does, this one both baffles and concerns me the most.

“Paper or Plastic?”

“Paper or Plastic?” is a common question heard at the checkout of grocery stores all throughout the United States. In Los Angeles however, that could soon change to “Paper or Reusable?” In an effort to reduce litter in the city, the Los Angeles city council is planning to ban single-use plastic bags by its residents. They hope that by banning plastic bags in checkouts it will force consumers to use more environmentally friendly options.

Advertising a Well Established Product

Some may say it isn’t necessary to develop new ways to advertise products that are so integrated into a variety of industries that there is no way they won’t have a continued presence into the future. However, even manufacturers of plastic bags, who cater to the medical, industrial, packaging and commercial arenas and are therefore in no danger of going extinct, need to keep up with modern advertising techniques. The most basic task for plastic bag manufacturers looking to improve their sales is developing an online presence.

Details of the Anti Theft Bag

Commercial venues that sell various products, whether food items, clothing, toys or other specialty products, must have a plan for how to deal with thefts. This is not something that might happen, but something that will happen. Methods include cameras spread out across the store and security guards placed at the entrances, although both of these can be expensive for smaller venues. A better, more subtle option, that also won’t break the bank, would be to be purchase clear plastic merchandise bags, so that when customers are leaving the store after purchasing items they won’t be able to slip anything extra into it without being seen.

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