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Washington’s Thriving Economy

The state of Washington is due for an economic boom. From a growing agriculture industry to the latest advancements in aerospace technology, this state is an economical powerhouse. In late 2013 Washington was voted by Bloomberg as the most innovative state in the United States. Many major companies in Washington have made significant breakthroughs in creating the latest developments in a multitude of industries. Even though Washington has a strong economy and a 5 year record low unemployment rate of 6.6 percent, Governor Jay Inslee is deciding to raise minimum wage to help thousands of Washingtonians thrive in this growing state.

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California’s Manufacturing Sector Continues to Grow

As the United States is striving to be globally competitive and energy independent we must look to one of our leading states as an example of a strong manufacturing sector and growing economy. The state of California has a GDP of $2 trillion and this state is coming back from a hard period of struggles. Governor Jerry Brown recently proposed a budget of $106.8 billion which is aimed to pay off loans, increase funding for schools and create a stockpile capital surplus for unforeseen financial issues in the future. The manufacturing sector is predicted to grow throughout 2014 and there are a number of statewide tax initiatives that California manufacturing companies can utilize for purchasing cutting-edge equipment.

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Missouri: Thriving Economy for 2014

There are a number of items Missourians can look forward to in 2014. From a booming automotive industry to a growing agriculture sector, this Show-Me state is prepared for a very economically rewarding year. In recent news St. Louis was selected by the Obama Administration as one of the target cities for the Strong Cites, Strong Communities Initiative. But what does this actually mean for the city of St. Louis? Under the Strong Cities, Strong Communities Initiative a full-time employee will work with the Mayor of St. Louis for at least a year to prioritize federal investments, provide assistance with local programs, facilitate more effective utilize of existing resources and more. What is interesting is the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has already predicted that the GDP in 2014 will grow by 3 percent.

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North Carolina and the Next Generation Power Electronics Innovation Institute

2014 is going to be an exciting year for North Carolina. This state is already ranked 9th in the nation for highest GDP with an impressive $455.9 billion. In 2013 North Carolina was ranked 4th best state for business by Forbes magazine and CNBC voted North Carolina to have the 3rd best workforce in the United States. North Carolina is the fourth largest manufacturing state in the country and after President Obama’s announcement at North Carolina State University things are looking even more positive for North Carolina’s economy. The President’s speech at Raleigh regarding the outlook of North Carolina’s future was two-fold. He addressed the plans to build a new manufacturing facility in North Carolina and he explained what types of products will be developed.

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The Polar Vortex and The Indiana Energy Situation

As we tread through this week of warnings and winter weather advisories we learn how many individuals and organizations were greatly influenced by this powerful storm. Indiana was no exception to the dangerously low temperatures and heavy snowfall which led to Governor Pence declaring a state of emergency in over 29 counties. The icy conditions also resulted in the Indiana Department of Transportation to shutdown two major highways, I-80/94 and I-65, which are main thoroughfares for traveling citizens but also for transporting industrial products. This arctic blast has impacted a number of manufacturing sectors in Indiana and some consumers are without a doubt feeling the effects of this polar vortex.

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Jonco Industries Provides Outstanding Industrial Services

Jonco Industries, Inc. has manufacturing experiences dating back to 1980 and we have made consistent improvements to our development processes. Our engineers are well versed in offering a full selection of in-house, value-added services. Our fairly priced services are convenient and Jonco Industries, Inc. will work on the time table of our customers. Let Jonco Industries, Inc. be your middle man for all of your shipping and receiving needs. Jonco Industries, Inc. offers a full spectrum of services including prototyping, 3D printing, packaging solutions, cutting, routing, digital printing, product assembly, contract sewing, warehousing and more. If a customer ever has a special request then the experts at Jonco Industries, Inc. can easily accommodate those requirements.

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What is the Future for Sewing Contractors?

Sewing contractors have been sewing industrial sewing projects for hundreds of years. In the past, contractors worked on a small-order basis, but in today’s world of modern manufacturing it is possible to find a contractor that can handle large-scale orders or even work on multiple company’s orders at once. Large industrial sewing machines, robotic machines, and large staffs help make these large contracting projects a reality. Without the use of sewing contractors, many companies would have to hire their own in-house sewing teams and equipment, which would increase the cost of production by a significant amount.

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The Basics of Contract Sewing Supplies

Contract sewing is a huge industry that is bigger than many people realize. Nearly any company that makes any kind of textile product, whether it is car seats or actual clothing, must use a sewing contractor to complete the task. While many large companies have their own in-house sewers and supplies, many smaller companies must outsource the sewing to specialized contract sewing companies.

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6 Categories of Commercial Sewing

The world of commercial sewing is large and encompasses many different fields. Some sewing companies only sew one type of item, while others sew multiple types. Most people are aware of sewing factories in China, South America, and Thailand, but there are actually quite a few sewing companies right in the United States as well. Your local commercial sewing company may specialize in one of the following areas:

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3 Reasons to Use Custom Sewing

The world of custom sewing is large and complex. There are thousands of custom sewers and sewing companies in the United States that will help you create customized pieces for everything from simple pillows and blankets to complicated wedding dresses or uniforms. Some people may feel that custom sewing is unnecessary for their products, but customized sewing actually provides many benefits to customers of all sizes. Taking advantage of these benefits will help foster customer relations and go a long way toward expanding your customer base.

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4 Options for Custom Bags

The world of bags is large and covers a wide variety of products. A custom bag is a customized version of any bag, providing you with the right size, shape, color, or monogram that you want for your bag. One of the easiest ways to find custom bags is online through one of the many smaller online craft shops on the Internet. These smaller businesses work with small batches of projects, which can provide extreme customization to meet any needs. Many small bag companies work with sewing contractors who will easily customize any product.

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The Best Uses for Canvas Bags

Perhaps there is nothing more useful than a canvas bag. Canvas bags are tough, flexible, durable, and above all, washable. These versatile bags have usefulness in every part of life, from taking towels and supplies to the beach, to carrying your gym clothes each day. In honor of these amazing bags, let us take a few minutes to explore the many uses for canvas bags.

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Types of Industrial Sewing Contractors

Industrial sewing contractors are contractors that use an assembly line and a large number of sewers to complete sewing projects seam by seam. These contractors may work for several different companies at once, providing the sewing for each company. Industrial contractors are ideal for businesses that have a lot of business but are not ready to hire their own sewing staff.

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Fabric Pouches for Breast Cancer Support

As any sewing contractor knows, the world of pouches is extremely large. There is a pouch for nearly everything, from carrying groceries, to wearing babies, to holding industrial goods during factory productions. With so many different uses for various kinds of pouches, it is no surprise that many sewing contractors and industrial sewing facilities specialized in the construction and development of new pouch designs.

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Custom Embroidery—Machine Vs. Individual

So you’re watching MTV Cribs, or Trick My Truck, and you find yourself growing increasingly envious of the football player with the team logo sewn into the seats of his Escalade, or the billionaire with his name stitched into his seats. Naturally the question looms, what can be done using custom embroidery? And is a machine really better than an individual for these purposes?

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How to Choose Quality Tarps

Not all tarps are created equal. Some tarp manufacturers create tarps for low cost, sacrificing quality along the way. However, when bad weather strikes, you want the highest quality tarp possible protecting you from wind, rain, and dew. You don’t want to be caught out in the rain on a week-long camping trip just because you purchased a low-quality tarp with inadequate protection. Use these helpful tips to help you avoid cheap tarps and choose a high quality tarp that will last for years and withstand any weather conditions.

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Manufacturing Success in Illinois

The Midwest is known for being a hub of industrial manufacturing in the United States and the state of Illinois is no exception. A leading manufacturer of machinery, Illinois is a large producer of machine tools, construction equipment, and farming machinery. After machinery of this kind, processed food is the second largest among manufacturing industries in the state. These foods include breakfast cereals, sausage, baked goods, and candy as well as sauces, spices, dairy products and soft drinks. Chemical manufacturing is the third largest sector in this regard. Chemical products produced in Illinois include pharmaceuticals, paint, resins, cleaning solutions and other industrial chemicals. Becoming a leading manufacturer in any of these industries does not just happen, so how has the state risen to and stayed in this position?

Manufacturing Growth in Wisconsin and the FACT Initiative

When it comes to employment in Wisconsin, the manufacturing sector in particular has been making gains over the last few years. From July 2012 to July 2013 alone, 3,010 manufacturing jobs were created. There are now a total of 574,091 workers in 11,208 manufacturing companies across the state, according to the 2013 Wisconsin Manufacturers Register. Not only is this growth continuing but is expected to continue in this way for some time. According to the president of Manufacturer’s News, Tom Dubin, this is because the state has an educated workforce, low business costs, and has a prime location for goods shipment. These factors are appealing to companies that have been investing in the food processing industry in particular.

New Report Gives Ohio an “A” in Manufacturing and Logistics

Ohio has always been known as a major manufacturer of a variety of industrial products. It is one of the nation’s largest producers of primary and fabricated metal products as well as rubber and plastic products. The manufacturing output for Ohio in 2012 reached $87.2 billion, which is the fifth highest in the United States; and the state was also a leader in manufacturing employment last year with close to 658,000 manufacturing jobs, surpassed only by much larger states California and Texas. These numbers are great to see as the state continues to rebound from a decade that brought devastating cuts in manufacturing jobs. In just the last three years manufacturers in the state have added 55,000 jobs. For all of these reasons and more, a report from Ball State University’s Center for Business and Economic Research has called Ohio a powerhouse in the manufacturing realm, giving the state an “A” in both manufacturing-industry health and logistics-industry health.

Google Eliminates Keyword Reporting

Google threw a curveball at the Digital Marketing Industry this past Monday by eliminating keyword data for organic searches. Previously optional for users, now all searches have been switched over to encrypted searches using HTTPS. This means site owners will no longer be able to see the keywords and phrases people searched before coming to their site from Google. Data can still be seen from other search engines but since Google still dominates the market expect to see the dreaded “(not provided)” make up the majority of your search query reports. Whatever the reason behind Google’s recent actions, it is sure to change how digital marketing strategy is approached. Site owners no longer have the ability to segment users by keywords within their web analytics software.