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Matresses and Other Urethane Foam Uses

We can find urethane foam all over! In hospitals, it is used for equipment such as surgical scrubbers or x-ray positioning pads. In the automobile industry, they can be used for interior padding. Other options include sound insulation, thermal insulation and packaging materials. However, the most common and best known use for urethane foam is in bedding and mattress bedding. And, considering how napping and sleeping are amongst my favorite personal hobbies, this makes urethane foam incredibly important to me and an everyday use for all of us.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Galvanized Steel

As life continues to become increasingly complex, the methods we use to create products must also improve. Gone are the days where many were content in simple, small homes, brick roads and buildings that were only a few floors tall. Now, we find ourselves in an age where everything is complex, with the mansion sized homes, bridges stretching over rough rivers and buildings reaching up into the clouds. With progress such as this, simple wood and brick building methods can no longer cut it. So we have turned to strong and durable metals, one in particular that can be useful, is galvanized steel.

Aluminum Has It Covered

Spring and summer are usually the times of the year when home improvements are done around the house and the “honey-do- this” projects list that has been building all summer is finally posted. A popular home improvement project that has a big impact on your house’s overall look is changing the siding. Sometimes weather makes that choice for you, like when hail or a big storm destroys the siding, or sometimes you just feel it is time for an updated look.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Fab 2 Order

To constantly strive to deliver more than the customer expects is just one of the core values of Fab 2 Order. The metal fabrication company remains devoted to putting the customer first in all levels of the business. In addition, Fab 2 Order is prepared to do all possible to ensure that the lowest cost solutions are available. They are able to accomplish this by constantly making small improvements and finding innovative efficiencies, increasing value and building partnerships. With quality, efficiency and a strong will to please the customers, Fab 2 Order has been able to become an industry leader in not only metal fabrication, but sheet metal fabrication and laser cutting as well.

Ceramics: Not Just For China Cabinets

When most people hear the word “ceramics” it conjures up images of fragile dishes and breakable figurines. Your grandmother’s house is probably full of them, and you are constantly reminded to “watch the ceramics!” as you tear through the house playing hide and seek with your cousins. In the industrial world however, the word “ceramics” never creates the impression of an unstable and fragile material; quite the opposite actually. The ceramics that are used in the manufacturing industry have to be strong in order to stand high temperatures, rough environments and a number of other variables.

Tour de France and Tube Fabricating

Quickly approaching is this summers Le Tour de France 2012! An event only for those in the best shape of their lives, it runs from June 30th to July 22nd and will cover a total of 3,479 kilometers (or almost 2,162 miles). A combination of flat plain stretches and medium to high mountains must be biked through by these adventurers. While it takes place in France, many countries around the world tune into watch the events as they unfold. Everyone acknowledges that along with the riders, the bicycles themselves also play a very important role in the outcome of the race. There are countless things that go into the creation of these objects, and purchasers are often overwhelmed at the diverse array of options available. Not only are there what seems to be a billion color options, there are different sizes, types and even accessories. These can include the seat, peddles or handle bars. Then there are gear options…. It is not hard to see why those shopping for a new bike would begin to panic.

Cold Rolled Steel and Old Adages

If you grew up speaking the English language, you’re likely to be familiar with this adage: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I’ve always been a bit perplexed by this statement – not by its meaning, which is obvious, but by the fact that it’s persevered in the lexicon of expressions in our language despite its silliness. Think about it. If I was cleaning my gutters and lost my footing on the ladder, nothing about falling two stories is going to enhance my strength or improve my health. Or, if I accidentally slammed my hand in my car door, it’s unlikely that I’d gingerly pull it out and say, “Wow! Who’s ready for a thumb war?” The compression of the door would more likely have a deformative effect then an empowering one. But there is one context in which the adage is eminently appropriate: cold rolling.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co.

Hard work and dedication are what set the foundation for Johnson Brothers Metal Forming Company and their place in the roll forming industry. Although they started as a garage company with a single machine by a pair of brothers, Edwin and Harold, they have grown to a company with over twenty roll forming machines and a staff of over forty employees that has been able to deliver products to every state in the continental United States as well as Canada, Mexico and parts of Europe. When it comes to roll forming not only are they the leading experts, but they are a company willing to go the distance from concept to completion, to make sure every one of their customers needs are perfectly satisfied.

Chain Mail and Stainless Steel Mesh

If you were fortunate enough as I was to grow up with Lord of the Rings, and have friends that were equally in love, making it possible for you to watch every movie numerous times, when you hear ‘stainless steel mesh’ the first place your mind travels to will probably be the chain mail that Frodo’s received. Having watched the movies numerous times and read part of the book… I knew a fair amount about Shire and the lands surrounding it, and it has never been difficult to reference the movies to things that happen in life. While there are probably plenty of other items to think of first concerning stainless steel mesh such as colanders, food strainers or protective gloves, my mind always travels to shirts that will protect you from the dangers that lurk in Middle Earth. In the movies, the goblins created the best mail products, and products were often worn in battles because they could provide defense against edged weapons like swords. This is not limited to these fantasy tales either, these products were also popular in countless countries when sword fighting was the main fighting method. While the force of impact could still affect the wearer, causing bruising or fractures, it was able to provide more protection than a fighter would otherwise have. The products did eventually begin to dwindle with the invention of guns because the mail proved to have little effect against bullets.

The Elegance of Spin Forming and Chandeliers

Creating an environment of old world elegance and grace can be easily achieved with an artfully crafted chandelier, which inevitably takes center stage in any residential or commercial venue that seeks to dazzle those who enter it. Lighting up rooms that vary from theatres to libraries to homes of individuals, chandeliers are a sure fire way of making a lasting impression. These light fixtures have been around for centuries, morphing with the times by replacing candles with light bulbs while retaining the grandeur and charm of soft but thorough lighting and fine craftsmanship. The way chandeliers are produced in our modern age has also evolved. No longer are the metallic elements that make up chandeliers hand carved, but they are developed by way of methods like spin forming, a process that shapes round or hollowed out objects withdimensions that are even and precise. Whether this process is applied with a manually run metal spinning machine are a CNC machining system, the result is always the same; perfection.

The Relationship between Cosmetics and Aluminum Powdered Parts

The funny thing about industrial materials is that they can be utilized in ways the average consumer would never think possible. Thankfully, it is not average consumers but innovative industrial minds that are constantly stretching the boundaries of applications for various products, creating new forms for materials that will benefit new markets. Not only does this mean more jobs and financial security for certain material industries, such as powdered metal, but it also means that technological advancements are never neglected but always being pursued. This developmental phenomenon can sometimes take shape in extremely unexpected business arenas. For example, aluminum powder parts, which are an innovation in and of themselves, are being utilized within the cosmetic industry as well as the manufacturing of metal parts for automotives, electronics and medical instruments, among other products.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Commercial Metal Exchange

“We are Experts at Metals”. Commercial Metal Exchange is determined to help companies avoid the frustration of inexperience with copper and related metal orders. Each sales employee has over twenty-five years of experience in the metal industry, which provides them with the extensive knowledge necessary in dealing with all metals, including alloys, forms, tempers and other specifications. Devotion to locating affordable materials and products, as well as providing an unbelievably fast delivery system are high priorities at Commercial Metal Exchange. Commitment like this to every aspect of the business is why they are considered experts in the metal industry.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Dexmet Corporation

The current economic climate is bogging down most industrial progress, which is why companies that take innovation seriously, like Dexmet Corporation, continue to do well despite the lag in manufacturing. Dexmet has been in the expanded metals industry since 1948 and has always embraced growth and exploration within their field of precision expanded materials.

The Powder Metal Parts Age

We measure the significance of moments in history based on their placement relative to technological advancements. In other words, moments in history draw their significance from their proximity to other significant events and advancements. Our method of periodizing ancient history, for example, confines entire epochs based on the development and use of technologies. Some of the most important examples are these: Copper Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age. The Iron Age was so named for several reasons. First, and perhaps most importantly, historians needed a name for the time that came after what they call the Bronze Age. The fact that civilizations began developing methods of mining, refining and alloying iron around this time is, by itself, not a meaningful development. But its implications for agriculture, warfare and other activities of society were sweeping, so the name has stuck. What will they call our time 3000 years from now? The powder metal parts age?

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: KALIBURN Inc. – KALIBURN® and Burny®

A division of the globally reaching ITT Corporation, KALIBURN Inc. provides industrial control and automation solutions to the motion and flow control market sector. Comprised of complementary product lines BURNY® and KALIBURN®, KALIBURN Inc. has more than 50 years of experience in the field of precision CNC machining, plasma shape cutting and motion control with products such as servo motors, linear actuators, motion controllers and load cells. Originally founded in 1958 as Cleveland Machine Controls Inc., the company acquired the BURNY® metal cutting brand and continued to grow in the metal cutting industry until being purchased by ITT in 2007. KALIBURN®, founded in 1985, was purchased by ITT in 2008. Today, the cohesive group continues to push the boundaries of shape cutting technology by providing its customers with exceptional cut quality and precise motion control.

Roll Forming – Not as Complicated as it Seems

Roll forming is an industrial process that can seem a little cartoony. If you were to look at a long roll forming production line, what you’d see before you might seem like an overly-elaborate, Wiley Coyote sort of contraption. Since I learned what roll forming is, I’ve found myself thinking about it now and then and wondering if there isn’t a better way to accomplish what happens during the roll forming process. That’s not to say that I don’t think it’s amazing and fascinating to learn about. I think it’s probably the most logical, intuitive response to the challenge of forming long metal channels into usable products. But maybe it’s the seeming complicatedness of it that gives me pause.

Metal Fabricators and the Movies

You may be asking yourself what metal fabrication has to do with the movies. The answer is, quite a bit. Metal fabrication is simply defined as any metalworking process in which metals are cut, bent, stamped, sawed or subjected to any other mechanical shaping or forming process. These processes are involved in making the metal parts that are eventually used to build trains, skyscrapers and even dinnerware. Because metal fabrications form the backbone of our modern reality, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about them in the context of our favorite unreality: the movies. Through the exploration of three films, Titanic, Flashdance and Iron Man, metal fabrication may come to life in unexpected ways. Beginning with a major historical mistake, moving into our culture’s relatively current impression of metal fabrication and wrapping it up in the future of metal forming possibilities, you will find that metal fabrication is a fascinating industry.

Aluminum Anodizing: A Winning Combination

The Tour de France came to an end last week with Alberto Contador of Spain winning the 2,263 mile bicycling race for the second year in a row. In the second stage of the race, however, there was an incident that could have prevented him from even finishing. Contador, Lance Armstrong and many other riders experienced a massive crash when they encountered a road made slippery by rain and an oil spill. Most cyclists continued on after sustaining minor bruises and abrasions. Their bikes remained relatively undamaged because the material of the frame and wheels had undergone an aluminum anodizing process. This technique is used with both professional and hobby bicycles to harden the surface of the aluminum and thicken the layer of naturally occurring oxide, resulting in a tough, durable and corrosion-resistance finish.

Expanded Metals vs. Perforated Metals – Costs, Benefits and Analysis

Architects and building contractors are often faced with many challenging decisions when choosing the right materials for a job. Different types of metals, materials and fabrication methods affect the performance of a structure or facility hugely, and structural sheet metal is no exception. While perforated metals and expanded metals are similar and have some overlapping applications, engineers understand that their capabilities are very different. Not only are perforated and expanded metals separated by their application industries, but by their fabrication methods and cost as well. Perforated metal seems to be the industry standard for architectural applications such as building facades, fences and partitions. Because perforated metals are punched and cut, dies can be designed to cut patterned shapes into sheet metal for a variety of purposes, both decorative and functional. The shape of metal perforations can determine a material’s usefulness for blocking microwaves, sound waves or light; perforated metals are used in all these industries. Next time you warm up some leftovers, take a look at your microwave door. See that filter in the glass? That’s a piece of perforated metal blocking microwaves from coming through the door.

Loos & Co., Inc. Introduces Exerflex Pro® Fitness Cable

Connecticut?based Loos & Co., Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of cable for the fitness equipment industry, has announced the release of its latest fitness cable: Exerflex Pro® Fitness Cable. Developed in their research and manufacturing facility in Pomfret, Conn., Exerflex Pro® builds on Loos & Co.’s tradition of providing fitness equipment manufacturers, equipment owners, and equipment repair professionals the highest level of cable performance and safety on the market. For more than a decade, the world’s leading fitness equipment manufacturers have relied on Loos & Co. cable as the only cable used in their equipment. Exerflex Pro® continues the tradition of providing the safety and performance that are critical in fitness equipment.