Embossing Machines for Varying Applications

Many different industries use embossing machines in a variety of applications. For this reason, there are several different types of embossing machines to suit each specific application in the best way. The type used usually depends on the material or the surface that is being embossed. Rigid and hard surfaces like aluminum or steel usually require heavy duty machines; where as other embossing machines may be better suited for flexible and/or soft materials and surfaces such as leather and cardboard. There are also hand held embossing machines that are often used by bookstores, government offices and schools. Ideal for seals of authenticity, hand held embossing machines work by two plates pressing together to make a single design.
Industrial embossing machines, on the other hand, are able to emboss custom designs onto a wide range of materials from paper, cardboard, and plastic to aluminum and steel plates. Machines used to emboss credit cards, membership cards, and IDs includes an alphabet and number wheel for names and addresses to be easily changed. Commonly used on leather, many companies utilize these often compact table top machines to emboss their logo onto a wide variety of products such as coats and hand bags. Leather is probably the best material to use if decorative designs are desired, and it is often thermally heated to allow for easier embossing.
To emboss harder materials such as aluminum or steel, an industrial embossing machine is required. Pressure as well as heat are employed in these embossing processes as the metal sheets pass through rollers with customized patterns. The machines that do this work are made specifically for embossing hard surfaces, but other embossing machines are versatile and multifunctional, able to emboss a variety of surfaces paper, pvc, cardboard and leather. Though most are multifunctional like this, it is best to consult with a representative of a manufacturer of these and other marking machines in order to discuss which option would work best for your specific application. For more information, contact a manufacturer near you today.