Clever Uses for Titanium Foil

Titanium foil is just like any other metal foil. It is a thin layer of metal made from pure titanium. Because titanium is such an expensive metal, titanium foil is also expensive. The foil can come in a variety of different thicknesses for different projects, from 0.0762 mm to under 0.0100 in thickness. Each thickness has its own set of uses in the industrial world. Generally, titanium is thinned out using a series of presses and rollers and the finished foil is wound around a large tube for packaging.  Some of the most common uses for foil made from titanium include:
Razors: Right now, titanium razor are extremely popular around the world. Since titanium is such a durable and expensive metal, it is the perfect material for high-end, precise razors that can cut through hairs easily and effectively. Typically, thicker foils are used to make the razors, which are stamped out of the foil with a die press.
Windscreens: Foil made of titanium is also used in windscreens. The screens are used to protect different products from the effects of the wind. You may see these screens used to protect camping stoves, paint jobs, water heaters, or other places where wind can cause problems.
Camera shutters: A camera shutter controls the movement of light inside a camera to expose the film and create a photo. Foil made from titanium is often used to make camera shutters because it is thin enough to fit inside even the smallest camera, but strong enough to withstand years of use.
Metal screens: Thicker foil is used to create metal screens for different machines and processes. Titanium is often used in aerospace planes and ships, and the metal is ideal for protecting the electronic components or other delicate pieces of a system.