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Beverlin Manufacturing Corporation

Beverlin Manufacturing Corporation was founded in 1976 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founded on the focus of precision-quality products and exceptional customer service, we have never wavered from our values. Beverlin Manufacturing Corporation is recognized as a worldwide leader in specialty perforated tubing, cones and assemblies for a wide variety of industries and applications. We always work collaboratively with our customers to help define and deliver solutions that meet their unique needs, whether it is an individual core or a complete product assembly. We are best known for meeting specifications, standards and schedules that others cannot or will not meet.

Kenmode Precision Metal Stamping: Metal Stamping Done Right

For over half a century, Kenmode Precision Metal Stamping has built a reputation for producing complex high-precision, custom metal stampings and assemblies with the highest efficiency and quality. Since our founding in 1960, Kenmode Precision Metal Stamping has built a reputation for strict adherence to uncompromised quality and performance standards in the manufacture of complex, high-precision custom metal stampings and assemblies for the automotive, electronics, consumer goods, insert molding and medical device industries. Today, we field one of the largest and most experienced engineering, design, and tool and die teams in the industry.

For All Your Production Needs, Turn to Wisconsin Metal Parts.

Our company began in 1988 as Die Concepts, Inc. We operated under that name for 22 years and throughout that time we expanded our skills and services in order to fulfill our customer’s needs. While we maintain the same team of experts, in 2010 we changed our name to Wisconsin Metal Parts, Inc. to better reflect our many operations. We are a single source for all your production needs. Our cost effective services now include custom metal stamping, fiber laser cutting, EDM, CNC Machining, CNC surface & form grinding, sheet metal fabricating, contract manufacturing and assembly, prototyping and reverse engineering, and tool and die design.

Turn to JSM Custom Engineered for Reliable Aluminum Extrusions

At JSM Custom Engineered Products Inc. we fabricated precise aluminum extrusions for a variety of industries. Whether you are in need of front panels, heat sinks, enclosures, handles, fixtures, or custom extrusions, our seasoned professionals will work alongside you to create a custom designed solution for you. We are committed to always providing top of the line quality in both our products and service. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Trusted Tube Fabrication from Enerpipe

Enerpipe is a code quality pipe fabricator of multiple materials specializing in complex projects requiring a higher level of quality and documentation. For over 20 years, we have supplied premium quality pipes and customer service. We offer a variety of sizes and wall thicknesses and we have substantial experience in working with materials from carbon steel to exotic alloys. Enerpipe maintains over 1500 weld procedures to handle any project.

American Entrepreneur Hendrick Manufacturing Is Successful and Innovative

At Hendrick Manufacturing, we have a long and distinguished history of being American-made and family-owned. Founded by Eli Hendrick in 1876 to introduce a revolutionary perforating process, we have since expanded to include metal fabrication and finishing services. We continue to embody the innovation and professionalism of our founder by investing in technology, our workforce and improving processes in our LEAN manufacturing environment. Read more…

Chemcut Corporation Leads Industry with Groundbreaking Innovation

While Chemcut Corporation is best known for our innovative and groundbreaking photochemical etching equipment, we pride ourselves in being able to provide excellent and reliable manufacturing solutions to suit many different customer needs. The same innovative and pioneering spirit that led us to develop the first conveyorized spray etcher in 1957 and become the world’s leading developer and supplier of wet processing equipment for photochemical milling continues to drive us today. We believe in creating solutions for each unique situation that embody our values of boundless innovation and unbeatable precision.

Albina Co. Specializing in Tube Bending and Fabrication Services

For every curved steel need, Albina Co. is the best choice for rolling, bending, and fabrication services. As a small family business since 1939, we value quality. We strive to go beyond the standard customer service, so that when you purchase our products you add a member to your team. From our centralized location in Portland, Oregon, we provide products, including custom-tubing, and service all of the United States and Canada.

Larson Tool & Stamping’s Dedicated Staff Delivers Outstanding Quality.

Founded in 1920, Larson Tool & Stamping Company is a family-owned and operated metal stamping company. One thing that sets us apart from other companies is our capacity to meet delivery schedules with superior quality products at competitive prices. Because we employ a stable, flexible, and loyal workforce, we are able to expand our resources to meet extreme challenges. The combination of dedicated workers, the latest technology, and control of all in-house processes make it possible. Our capabilities are vast, we provide services such as forming, stamping, deep drawing, assembly, and many more.

Stewart EFI: One of the Largest International Suppliers of Metal Stampings

Founded in 1936, Stewart EFI, is one of the largest international suppliers of metal stampings, slide-formed components, precision progressive die, wire forms and automated and secondary assemblies. Our extensive knowledge of die-making, metals, and metallurgy comes from our many years of experience. Throughout the years, we have worked with virtually every metal alloy, developing heat treating, plating and metal finishing techniques. We are able to provide defect-free precision, metal-stamped components and assemblies.

Over 100 Years of Experience with Acme Metal Spinning

Since 1908, Acme Metal Spinning has developed a reputation for our reliable and exceptional metal formed spinnings into conical, hemispherical, and cylindrical shapes. As one of the largest metal spinning manufacturers in the Midwest, we have discovered new metal spinning techniques in order to be more economical and innovative. Our complete in-house CNC equipment allows us to offer spinning capabilities not found in other shops. Our equipment includes processes such as trimming, cutoff, beading, hole punching, flanging and finishing as well as typical spinning equipment.

High Quality Solutions from NN Metal Stampings & Prestole

With over 80 years of experience in the metal stamping industry, NN Metal Stampings & Prestole has cultivated a reputation for versatility and dedication. We pride ourselves on our broad capabilities in order to serve our customers where they need. From progressive stampings and engineered fastener clips to deep drawn parts and press capabilities along with assembly services, we continuously strive to innovate and improve our capabilities.

American Industrial Company: World Leader of Metal Stamping

American Industrial Company is a manufacturer which specializes in production of precision metal stamping and assemblies, laser cutting, prototyping, design and engineering, tooling services, and other secondary services. We are conveniently located thirty minutes away from the Chicago O’Hare Airport. We mainly serve the Midwest regions of the United States as well as customers in other regions across the country and we even offer our products internationally. Our teams create solutions from different materials like stainless, alloy, brass, aluminum, and copper, hence we have the capacity to service a vast industrial customer base.

Great Lakes Engineering: True Service and Expertise

Founded in 1986, Great Lakes Engineering is an industry leading provider of laser cutting and metal etching services. We started off as a supplier of photo chemical machining services, one the most technologically advanced processes at the time. Since then, we have continued to strive for technological excellence. At the same time, we remember our roots and our central expertise. For this reason, we continue to offer expert photo chemical etching services while improving processes and integrating new technologies into our repertoire.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: McKey Perforating Company, Inc.

Good quality manufacturing is simply not enough for industry leader McKey Perforating Company. Rather, this reputable company is confident enough to claim they offer ‘perforation perfected’. If company growth is anything to go by, their bold statement is spot on. Headquartered in New Berlin, Wisconsin, with a recently expanded branch in Tennessee, McKey is a contract manufacturer and global supplier of perforated metals and laser-welded perforated tubes. Industries as diverse as construction, automotive, food processing and commercial laundry all benefit from the high quality products and services offered by McKey. With experience in the metal working field dating back 150 years, the team at McKey brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to its everyday operations. Woman-owned and operated, and a founding member of the standard setting Industrial Perforating Association, McKey maintains strict quality standards in all aspects of business.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Micro Forms, Inc.

When Lee Curry founded the machine job shop Micro Forms, Inc. back in 1967, he had just one customer and a lot of ambition. Decades later the tool and die stamping job shop, now owned by sons David and Dan, serves countless industries with small precision metal stampings. Ever diverse, Micro Forms has a valued history of meeting the most challenging needs of every customer. As infallible as their products, this reputation radiates from Curry’s emphasis on accountability and quality that brought great expansion to the company. Such focus on service has carried on to the next generation who continue to maintain a strong customer base by not only working for their clients, but with them.

Laser Welding Creates Potential For Small Parts Applications

Laser welding is an effective method for joining small parts with tight tolerances. In the future, it will compete with traditional methods of welding or replace assembly/joining technologies benefiting industries that have never used laser welding before. Using light in the form of laser radiation as the energy source is a process used to achieve a balance between the process of thermal fusion and metallurgical effects. Functionally, the laser generates infrared or visible light (usually with the use of Nd-YAG lasers or frequency-doubled ‘green’ lasers for reflective metals) which is delivered through an optical fiber and focusing lens onto the workpiece. Welding is the process that occurs when laser radiation is absorbed by the workpiece and turned into heat raising the temperature in the localized area above the melting point…

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